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Create a Student Online Course Orientation

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The following documents and resources will assist you as you begin to create a faculty or student orientation for your online program.

What is the Student Orientation?

  • The student orientation is an information rich tool in a University’s learning management system. The orientation is segmented into 7 major components. These components are designed to help acclimate students to online learning, the online community, and the LMS environment. Interlaced with the content are interactive activities and quizzes for students to practice and become more familiar with the online learning environment.
  • Getting Started: This section contains a general introduction on what to expect from the orientation as well as detailed information on technical requirements to efficiently use the LMS.
  • Program Information: Key Dates and Resources: this section provides program specific information to students such as a course list, academic calendar, and faculty members. Also, University information such as library information and university policies and guidelines are provided.
  • Online Learning: this section provides in-depth information on learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and their characteristics, tips on how to develop time management skills, online expectations for learners,  and how to be a successful online learner
  • Navigate and Access Content: This section is where student are first introduce to the major components within the LMS. Students can expect to learn how to navigate the LMS and recognize the various tools and content areas used to present content
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools: since students are expected to connect with their classmates and the faculty, it is important that they become proficient in using the communication and collaboration tools offered in the LMS. Students are introduced to the synchronous and asynchronous forms of communication used with in the LMS, guidelines for proper online behavior, known as netiquette, which tools are used for both forms of communication, and how to use each tool.
  • Assignment and Assessment Tools: For students to be successful, it is important for them to learn how to use the tools that are used to measure what they have learned throughout the course. This section will help students become familiar with submitting, editing, and resubmitting an assignment, and how to take online tests and surveys.
  • View Grades: identifies how a student can access their grades through different methods within the LMS. At the end of this module is a quiz that covers what has been presented throughout the entire orientation.

Why use the Student Orientation?


  • Orientation limits the tech support role for faculty by providing a 24/7 accessible knowledge base for online learning and LMS specific tools
  • Allows faculty to focus on what they do best – teaching students.
  • Having a student orientation helps individual courses and programs meet quality standards for online learning as laid out in the Quality Matters Rubric and the Sloan-C Quality Scorecard for Online Programs


  • Allows us to capture student excitement right away by providing them the tools necessary to be successful in an online learning environment
  • Builds a sense of community so students will begin to feel a part of the online program even before it begins

To receive a copy of the student orientation for use in your Academic Partnerships supported program, please contact [email protected]. Minor customization services are available with a 30 day turn around time. Major customizations are done by the partner institution.

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