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Using Videos in the Virtual Classroom

Submitted by on October 25, 2012 – 8:55 amOne Comment

  • Statistics reveal an increasing popularity of online video.
  • Videos bring value to online courses by increasing interactivity, fostering engagement, and contributing real-world content.
  • When incorporating videos into a course, instructors should consider the principles below to ensure videos’ effectiveness.

Technology has provided educators with abundant resources that prevent online students from feeling detached and disengaged. What if we told you that among the ever-increasing technology tools available, video is a top contender for creating engagement in your online course? Before buying into the common misconception that videos encourage passivity, watch this:
Still skeptical? Recently, Cisco conducted a study that sought to discover the impact of video technologies in students’ learning. Not surprisingly, the study found that videos help increase levels of student interaction (e.g., taking notes, thinking about and applying concepts), foster student engagement (occurring when viewers connect to visual content), and subsequently allow learners to better understand concepts and retain knowledge. Venn diagram of Cisco research results
The study also highlights videos’ ability to provide real-life content in the educational environment:

Video not only consolidates visual and auditory stimuli into a single package, but also helps ‘bridge the gap between schools’ artificial environment and the outside world, bringing reality into the classroom.

Increased engagement, depth of learning, and real-life instruction—videos can bring value to the education setting. Check out the infographic below that shows a variety of methods and effective practices for using videos in an online course. Also take a look at some helpful strategies and tips that align with Quality Matters standards to ensure the effectiveness of video and other multimedia in students’ learning.

References: The Impact of Video Technology in Education: From Here to Where? A Review of the Literature, Sonia Jurich. By Sarah Linden Manager, Learning Technologies




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