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Engaging Technology and Online Pedagogy eTOP12 Micro-MOOC

Submitted by on October 12, 2012 – 7:50 pm12 Comments

Mini-MOOC eTOP12Remember when online learning was just a fad we thought would eventually fizzle out? Its rapid growth has proven otherwise, and institutions worldwide are pushing not only to get their programs online, but to create compelling courses that engage students in authentic learning environments. The increase in online learning has produced a wealth of technology tools that allow us to create these kinds of environments in the virtual classroom. But with a growing number of tools available, how do we determine which are actually effective? Where do we find quality tools? And how do we strategically integrate technology into our current online courses? Why a micro-MOOC? According to Dave Cormier, a MOOC: “…integrates the connectivity of social networking, the facilitation of an acknowledged expert in a field of study, and a collection of freely accessible online resources. Perhaps most importantly, however, a MOOC builds on the active engagement of several hundred to several thousand “students” who self-organize their participation according to learning goals, prior knowledge and skills, and common interests.” — The MOOC Model for Digital Practice by Alexander McAuley, Bonnie Stewart, George Siemens and Dave Cormier.   The term micro in this context means that it is focused with targeted skill building in the MOOC format. For more on this concept, see the article Targeted Skill Development: Building Blocks to Better Learning from the Oct 12 Faculty Focus by Maryellen Weimer, PhD. What will we explore in eTOP12? In this 3-week micro-MOOC, we’ll explore new tools and the characteristics that make up effective—and ineffective—technologies; we’ll examine how to choose tools based on pedagogical styles used in online instruction; we’ll look at how to integrate technology in an online course through the strategies of guest speaker Brian Mull, Innovation Director of November Learning. The webinar takes place on November 8 at 1:30 PM CST. MOOC participants will also have the opportunity to re-create an assignment from a current course using a new technology tool and share the end product with other MOOCers. When can I participate in eTOP12? Join us November 1-November 29 as we discuss what it looks like to effectively leverage technology in the virtual classroom and discover together how to create engaging learning environments that promote high retention and student success. Registration below. Spread the word about #eTOP12!
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You can access the eTOP12 wiki content and the recorded webinar (soon) on the eTOP12 Wiki.