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Exam Proctoring: A Review of the Top Five Tools

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In our many years of partnering with and consulting online instructors, we quickly learned one of their biggest concerns: exam security. Knowing this, we’ve provided proven recommendations to help promote academic honesty and prevent cheating on online course exams, and more recently we showed you how fostering a community of practice is one of the most effective ways to promote academic honesty in your online course. While these practices are effective and essential, sometimes technology is the answer to ensure exam security. Since exam security tools are financial investments, you can’t just haphazardly purchase one without doing your homework. Homework? You may ask yourself, Who has time for homework? We anticipated this reaction, so we’ve done the homework for you. Out of the many exam security tools on the market, we’ve highlighted five that we find most effective in the table below. These are tools specifically for exam proctoring:

Exam Security Tool
Live Proctoring?
Cost per Test?
Hourly Rates?
Additional Features
BVirtual Yes $25 Up to 2 hours; Additional $15 after 2 hours
  • 24/7 Scheduling
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Records all exam session data including video, audio, and keystroke information
ProctorCam  Yes (As an option) $6 – $25 Price depends on length of test and level of services (e.g., live vs. recorded)
  • Integrates into any LMS
  • Identify verification
  • Behavioral verification
 Kryterion Yes $15 – $38 Price depends on length of test and level of services (e.g., test integrated in LMS vs. housing test in outside portal)
  • FERPA certified
  • Proprietary lock-down browser
  • Facial recognition
  • Keystroke metrics
  • Psychomatrician available for consultation
Software Secure No $15 Flat Rate
  • Locks down computer OS
  • ID verification
  • LMS compatible
  • 24/7 tech support
 ProctorU  Yes  $17.50 – $42.50
  • $17.50 – 1 hour
  • $25.00 – 2 hours
  • $33.75 – 3 hours
  • $42.50 – 4+ hours
  • Proctors are FERPA trained
  • Integrates into any LMS
  • ID Verification

Choosing an Exam Proctor

When reviewing this information, ask yourself, What are my priorities in using a proctor for exams? There are three common scenarios in which you may want to use a proctor:

1. For the Psychological Effect If you want a proctor simply for the psychological effect that being recorded will have on a student, we recommend a simpler and cheaper option (e.g., ProctorCam).

2. For a High-Stakes Exam If your priority is to secure a high-stakes exam as much as possible, we recommend one of the live proctoring options that include additional features such as a lock-down browser, facial recognition, and/or keystroke metrics (e.g., Kryterion).

3. As an Option for All Courses If your priority is to simply have a technology that will work with any course in your program or university, we recommend an option with a flat rate to accommodate exams of all lengths. That way, instructors have the freedom to create the exam that fits best with their course (e.g., Software Secure).

Share Your Experiences with Us

Are there any additional tools that you have found useful? If you haven’t used any proctoring tools, which are you most interested in? Please post your comments below. [social-bio]

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