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COVID-19 Support Strategies

As campuses across the country are considering closing due to COVID-19, you and your fellow on-campus faculty colleagues might be looking for ways to leverage digital strategies for your face-to-face courses.  Please use or share these resources as appropriate.

Academic Partnerships has also created a Faculty Online Orientation tailored for individuals who may have never taught online or delivered coursework virtually. More information on this resource will be available on March 25, 2020.  

Click on the links below each description to download a resource for rapid course conversation.  

Delivering Lectures Virtually

The document below details best practices in how to optimize lecture content for online delivery: 

Optimizing Lecture Content for Online Delivery

Handout on how to distill and organize one week of a classroom course for use online: 

Handout Distilling Content

This document outlines the building blocks for one week of learning online: 

Building Blocks of an Online Week


Video Production Tips

Often we are unsure how to create high-quality videos on our phones or laptops. The PDF below guides you through the process.

Quick Tips for Recording a Videos

Here is a checklist to use before recording video to help you make sure you are ready to go: 

Quality Video Checklist

The link below provides a rubric that can help you assess the quality of your video and thoughts on where you specifically might improve it: 

Rubric to Score Your Video

Please be sure to use closed-captioning or provide a transcript of your video.  


Creating Quality Discussions

Discussion boards are a great way to engage your students in peer-to-peer interaction, sharing ideas or completing assignments.  Here is a quick view of question prompts to consider: 

Discussion Question Prompts


ADA Compliance

All online course components need to comply with accessibility regulations.    The document below gives the basics on how to make your Microsoft documents or Adobe PDFs accessible: 

Accessibility for Documents and Course Content