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Haiku Deck: Create Simple, Visual Presentations

Submitted by on April 16, 2013 – 11:13 am2 Comments

haiku-deck-logoHaiku Deck is the latest presentation software you’ll want to use. The free iPad app was designed by a Seattle startup team seeking to improve and “reinvent presentations for how we work, communicate, and create now.” Quite easily, you can tell a story, pitch an idea, share some news, give an update, show your stuff, enliven a meeting, inspire a group, teach a lesson, or ignite a movement.

Haiku Deck offers several benefits that separate itself from other presentation tools:

  • A mobile platform that lets you edit and share presentations easily from anywhere, anytime without huge files or bulky attachments.
  • Stunning design and layout, allowing you to focus time and energy on your message.
  • Impactful, high-quality images licensed under Creative Commons that complement your lectures and lessons, not run them.
  • Tools to create pie charts, bar graphs, and stat charts directly in the app (read more on the Haiku Deck blog).

Haiku Deck takes the design work out for you in these four simple steps: (Click image to enlarge.)

Haiku's 4 steps

Source: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck for the Classroom

Use Haiku Deck to visually and simply explain rules or ideas, like this creator did in illustrating geometry concepts:
Share your lessons learned, like college instructor Tanya T. Sasser did in her presentation Embrace the Messiness, where she presents her experience of integrating challenged-based learning into her class. The image below shows a screenshot of Sadder’s Haiku Deck, which includes supplemental notes (visible only on a deck’s web view). (Click image to enlarge.)

Haiku Embrace Messiness

A browser view of Sasser’s Haiku Deck presentation

View more presentations in Haiku Deck’s Gallery, Haiku Deck’s Pinterest boards, and share your experiences with Haiku Deck on Twitter (you can even tweet your awesome presentations to them with #setyourstoryfree).

Get Started with Haiku Deck

Download the Haiku Deck app (available for the iPad only), then get started with the Haiku Deck Tutorial. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, the app requires a minimal learning curve. And if you have questions or need help along the way, see Haiku Deck’s FAQs page.

After you’ve saved your deck to the web, anyone can view your presentations (or “decks”) on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can share decks to your social networks, embed them in your blog, or export to PowerPoint or Keynote. You can also project your slides by connecting your iPad to a projector through an iPad-to-VGA adapter. (Better yet, email your deck and open it on a device already connected to the projector.)

Also check out these five rules that’ll guide you to making effective, impactful presentations:

Share Your Experiences

Share your Haiku Decks with us. How have your lectures changed with using this app? Please share your experiences with us by commenting below.

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  • Adam Tratt says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Haiku Deck with your readers, Robin! We’ve got a bunch of great blog posts for teachers and students on our own blog ( as well as examples of Haiku Deck in action in our gallery. Always delighted to hear feedback or ideas you might have for ways we can make the product even better.

    Thank you again for the detailed post!

  • robin says:

    Adam – You are welcome! I am definitely headed over to your blog to check out other examples.

    Robin Bartoletti