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Helpful Strategies and Tips: Module Overview

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This post is part of the series Helpful Strategies and Tips: Designing an Online Course, which provides guidance through common challenges instructors face during online course development.

Providing students a module overview of the material is a great way to introduce the main themes or concepts. Include a paragraph or two that introduces the module content to help spark interest and provide students with context that will help them engage with the material.

Share with students something that will bring a real-world quality or perspective to their learning. Perhaps offer some personal thought or experience. Consider a short supplemental audio or video clip to complement any text you include in the overview. However, you will need to make sure any audio and video has a text alternative so that students with audio and visual challenges are able to access it.

Example of a module overview:

In this module, we will explore the basic structures and functions of cell tissues, and discuss the structures of each body system. As the module progresses, students will have an opportunity to explore in more detail a specific body system of personal interest.

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