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How to Commemorate, Celebrate, and Advance the Cause of National Distance Learning Week: November 5-9

Submitted by on November 2, 2012 – 11:40 am2 Comments

  • You can help distance learning fulfill its promise as a solution to educational challenges by commemorating NDLW with your students and colleagues.
  • Attend and discuss a webinar, or share podcasts or infographics related to NDLW.
  • You can participate in a variety of ways – what matters is that you share your passion.

Veteran’s Day, Arbor Day, National Volunteer Week, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month were each devised to “create awareness,” right? Not exactly. Since awareness always predates the occasions ostensibly created to spread it, the real objective must have been something far greater – to generate the passion it would take to advance these causes. Of course, advancing a cause always begins with spreading one generation’s convictions to the next. Since 2007, our cause has been commemorated by educators and students during National Distance Learning Week. According to the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), “National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) seeks to promote DNLW datesand celebrate the tremendous growth and accomplishments occurring today in distance learning programs offered by schools, businesses, and governmental departments.” Being passionate advocates for distance learning ourselves, we hope you’ll take the USDLA’s mission to heart and share it with your students. As Arbor Day seeks to recruit new generations of Johnny Appleseeds who’ll plant orchards rather than just admire trees, this is our day. Ahem… week. Let’s plant the seeds that will help to grow distance learning into the solutions to our toughest educational challenges. The efficacy, affordability, and global competitiveness of education all depend on this. With that in mind, the USDLA provides a few ideas for promoting NDLW, and here’s what we recommend to help you make this your best NDLW yet: Attend these NDLW webinars: The USDLA will be hosting four different webinars you can register for during NDLW:

  • November 5: NASA Digital Learning Network and STEM Programs
  • November 7: Demystifying Accreditation, Certification and understanding the USDLA Quality Standards Certification
  • November 8: Promoting National Distance Learning Week – An Institution-Wide Initiative
  • November 9: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

You can also register for this webinar, during which a panel of current Berkeley College  students will share their secrets to online success. Just scroll down to “Webinar” for registration information. Listen to and share these USDLA podcasts: The USDLA’s archive of podcasts on distance learning includes fascinating catalysts for discussion, presented by pioneers of distance learning. Podcasts include:

Pass along these infographics to your students and colleagues: What better way to make distance learning enjoyable than with colorful infographics they can easily share and discuss with their peers through social media?

Spread your passion, your way Please add to our suggestions for promoting NDLW with your own below, and come back next week to share your experiences. Whitney KilgoreBy Whitney Kilgore Vice President, Learning Technologies