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Create Interactive eBooks with Bookry

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Bookry Do you use iBooks Author? If so, you need to know about Bookry. Boorky is a free service that offers iBook Author users a growing library of widgets to create interactive eBooks. Boorky is easy to use and does most of the work for you. No coding required! Simply choose a widget from the library, customize the settings, and drag and drop the widget into iBooks Author.

Screenshot of Bookry's three-step process

Bookry’s three-step process lets you easily create opportunities for readers to interact with eBook content. [source]

What are the Widgets?

Bookry’s free widgets let readers interact with the eBook content. Widgets include

  • drag and drop,
  • form builder,
  • feedback,
  • Flickr galleries,
  • Google maps,
  • Instagram galleries,
  • quiz builders,
  • and a tool to open apps right inside your book (just to name a few).

Check out the widget library to see more. Bookry also offers customizable widgets and server-based widgets. These options provide the author flexibility to develop personalized content. Readers can save and load their widget data to the reader cloud. Readers who want to complete a quiz, game, or other activity at a later time stop and save their progress.

Bookry’s Game-Changing Feature

The “share this” feature sets Bookry apart in the marketplace. This feature lets the reader share their experiences within a book or a piece of content across their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Evernote). This feature helps to increase growth of the book’s audience.

Why Analytics?

Bookry’s analytics tool allows authors to better understand their readers. Analytics inform authors how to improve or enhance eBook content based on quiz data, feedback, quantity of readers, and their reading patterns, including which widgets and content readers interact with. I need more widgets! Bookry offers free and paid versions of the widgets. The free widgets carry the Bookry branding, offer email support, and let you view analytics. The paid version is $125 per book and lets you use your personal logo. With the paid version, you can use as many widgets as you like. Read more about Bookry pricing. [social-bio]

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