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MHHE Making Super Adaptive Learning Affordable

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This post is the first of a two part series with Brian Kibby, President, McGraw Hill Higher Education.

Imagine students receiving the instruction that they need in order to be successful, customized specifically for them based upon the way they respond to the content. This is super-adaptive learning as described by McGraw-Hill Higher Education (MHHE). In partnership with Area9, MHHE is moving fast into the adaptive learning content with products to meet the demand of today’s knowledge economy.

When you think of super adaptive learning, think about Amazon or Netflix. How do these sites learn what you like and what you might like next? It is the recommendation engine that makes the difference in these tools, and similar technology is described by Area9 as the power behind the super adaptive products they have created with MHHE.

I want to thank Brian Kibby, President of McGraw-Hill Higher Education for taking the time to talk with me regarding how McGraw Hill is positioning for the future.  He and his team are focused on building a support structure around the student experience that takes the student down a whole new learning path. With his leadership, the company has been fully focused not only on digital delivery of existing products, but the evolution of education and ensuring the McGraw Hill’s assets are future proofed by looking ahead.smartbook-screenshot

Brian talked about how McGraw Hill’s new LearnSmart “SmartBook” captured the attention of the audience at the Consumer Electronics show. This was really genius positioning if you consider it was the only time an educational content company made a big splash at CES.

Making Learning Affordable

This spring, MHHE will launch 90 course content areas starting at a $20 cost for students, which makes this new experience not only enhanced, but affordable.

Read more about how McGraw-Hill reveals the SmartBook: an ‘adaptive’ e-book for students.


WhitneyBy Whitney Kilgore
Vice President, Academic Services

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