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Quality Matters Monday: Standard 6.1

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It’s Quality Matters Monday! Each Monday, we highlight a Quality Matters standard and review its importance in an online course and how we evaluate this standard.

Today, we are reviewing Quality Matters Standards 6.1

General Standard 6 addresses course technology.

Click here to view Quality Matters Standard 6.1in the Quality Matters Rubric. This standard specifically addresses that the tools used in the course support the learning objectives and competencies.

The tools selected for the course align with the course and module objectives or competencies (see Standards 2.1 and 2.2) by effectively supporting the course’s assessment instruments (3.1), instructional materials (4.1), and learning activities (5.1). Tools are functional software that provide areas for interaction in the course; they may be included in the learning management system (LMS) or external to the LMS. Examples of tools are discussion boards, chat rooms, grade book, social media, games, whiteboard, wikis, blogs, virtual classrooms, web conferencing, etc.  Tools that are used should support the learning objectives or competencies and fit the learning activities.  Clear instructions need to be provided regarding how the tools support the learning objectives or competencies.  Technology needs to add to the course not just used for the sake of use.

Quality Matters Standard 6.1

AP Guidance: The inclusion of discussion boards is always an excellent way to increase all types of interaction in a course; however, but it’s always important to make  the connection between the discussion boards and the learning objectives. QM Standard 6.1 states that the tools and media selected for the course should “align with the course module objectives of the course by effectively supporting the assessment instruments, instructional materials, and learning activities in the course. So AP suggests looking at the discussion board prompts in each module and making sure they are there for the purpose of meeting the module objectives. An easy, direct way to do this is to create a table and in one column, list the module objectives and in the second column, list all of the discussion board prompts in that module as they contribute to the achievement of the module objectives.    

For more pointers on including media and video in your courses visit this link: and review the Multimedia/Micro-Lectures section. 

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Click here to access Quality Matters eLearning Marketplace. The Quality Matters eLearning Marketplace is a free, searchable database built to serve the broad QM community with an easy-to-use eLearning product/service directory organized within the 8 general standards of the rubric as well as by user and product categories.

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