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Quality Matters Monday: Standard 6.4

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It’s Quality Matters Monday! Each Monday, we highlight a Quality Matters standard and review its importance in an online course and how we evaluate this

Today, we are reviewing Quality Matters Standards 6.4

General Standard 6 addresses course technology.

Click here to view Quality Matters Standard 6.4 in the Quality Matters Rubric.
This standard specifically addresses that course technologies are current.

· New technologies continuously appear on the market. It’s always best to confirm that your course technology is up-to-date before a new start occurs. It’s
great to use tools such as social media, mobile technologies, games, simulations, wikis, blogs, podcasts, and virtual worlds in online courses.

Keep Technology Current!

· Some good examples of current technology to support course objectives or competencies to enhance learning:

· Synchronous web conference tools used for orientation, group projects, tutoring, test reviews, a mobile application that learners use to log or memorize,
a wiki used for group, blogs used for student journals, a simulation that demonstrates something not feasible to demonstrate in the physical world, such as
a process or procedure that takes place inside a hazardous or inaccessible place, a simulation replicating laboratory activities that allows manipulations
of objects on the screen similar to hands-on lab experiences,

AP Guidance:
The inclusion of a group project is an excellent addition to courses but requiring synchronous conference calls may not be appropriate for today’s working
student. It’s good to consider more current technologies to allow for asynchronous collaboration. Examples of these are: wikis, blogs, Google Drive, web
conferencing tools that the students can record if someone cannot attend, etc.

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