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Quality Matters Monday: Standard 6.3

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It’s Quality Matters Monday! Each Monday, we highlight a Quality Matters standard and review its importance in an online course and how we evaluate this standard.

Today, we are reviewing Quality Matters Standards 6.3

General Standard 6 addresses course technology.

Click here to view Quality Matters Standard 6.3 in the Quality Matters Rubric. This standard specifically addresses that the technologies required in the course are readily obtainable.

  • Easily obtainable means through download, purchase at the bookstore, or another means. The word “technologies” covers a wide range, including hardware, software, subscriptions, and plug-ins.
  • The hardware and peripherals necessary to complete all course activities must be obtainable. Peripherals include webcams, microphones, etc. If specific peripheral devices are needed for your course, instructions should be provided on how to obtain the peripheral devices.
  • The software chosen for your course should be easy to download and available on a variety of hardware platforms (Windows, MacOS, etc.) If software is platform-specific, an equivalent software package needs to be available for learners not using that platform. Examples of software include word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, statistical analysis software, equation editors, web authoring tools, audio/video editing tools, programming software, etc.
  • When web-based technologies are used, including learning management systems, be sure to include the availability of the tools on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). For technologies that require subscriptions, please provide instructions on how to obtain the subscription, including information on acquisition of access codes and user identification.
Read about QM Standard 6.3 for Instructional Design at

Quality Standard 6.3 – #elearning

AP Guidance:  Be specific!  Include links to where items need to be purchase and step-by-step instructions if things are unique to your course.  It’s important to include author names, copyright dates, or publishers.   

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Click here to access Quality Matters eLearning Marketplace. The Quality Matters eLearning Marketplace is a free, searchable database built to serve the broad QM community with an easy-to-use eLearning product/service directory organized within the 8 general standards of the rubric as well as by user and product categories.

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