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Grant Recipients

Academic Partnerships Announces 2019 Research Grant Recipients

The research conducted by the AP grantees will provide important data relating to student interaction (tools and strategies for increasing student-to-student interaction and/or student-to-faculty interaction; best practices for evaluating the quality and impact of student-to-student interaction and/or student-to-faculty interaction) and open educational resources (integrating open educational resources and learning technologies to increase student interaction; using open educational resources to facilitate self-guided learning and sharing among faculty and students).

Please congratulate the following awardees:

Spring 2019

Arkansas State University   

Brinda McKinney: Conference Grant for “Using Professional Development to Engage Online Nursing Faculty”

 Northern Kentucky University 

Lynne Zajac: Conference Grant for “Student Perceptions of Faculty Presence and Caring in Accelerated Online Post Licensure Nursing Programs”

Southeastern Oklahoma State University 

Kathleen Boothe: Using Softchalk to Increase Student Engagement in Online Courses

The University of Texas at Arlington 

Peggy Semingson and David Coursey: Automating and Customizing Safety Nets: Peer Mentoring, Predictive Analytics, and Using Nudge-Based Emails for Online Student Success, Personalized Learning, and Teacher Presence

University of Louisiana Lafayette 

Claire Arabie and Stephen McGoffin: Pairing Adaptive Technology and Open Educational Resources for Scalable Courseware Development at a High Intensity Research University

University of North Carolina at Wilmington 

Jeeyae Choi and Lisa Anne Bove: Enhancing Student Learning Efficiency in an Online Informatics Course Using Simulated Electronic Health Record

University of North Carolina at Wilmington 

Stephanie Turrise: Conference Grant for “The Effect of Virtual Simulation on Critical Thinking and Student Satisfaction with Learning in Accelerated Online RN-BSN Students”

University of Southern Indiana 

Charlotte Connerton and Mary Doerner: RN-BSN Program Outcome Evaluation

Fall 2019

Baylor University

Timothy Kayworth, April Rowsey: Pitch Vantage Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality Pilot

Arkansas State University

Rebekah Cole and Taqueena Quintana: Experiencing, Learning, and Embracing the Reality of Empathy

University of Texas at Arlington

Erin Carlson: Student Outcomes from Service Learning in Online compared to On-Campus Courses

University of Texas at Arlington

Jenny Roye: Integration of Telehealth/Telemedicine Training into a Family Nurse Practitioner Program

University of Texas at Arlington

Yan Xiao and Deokgun Park: Text Analytics for Debriefing Reflection Essays

University of Southern Indiana

Charlotte Connerton and Mary Doerner: Conference Grant for “The Journey for RN-BSN Program Outcome Evaluation”

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Julie Hinkle: Conference Grant for “Adaptive Learning in Online Nursing Education”