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Course Re-Engineering Grant

The Academic Services and Products Team (ASP) at AP announces opportunities for a Course Re-Engineering Grant.  If you have a course that you believe has opportunity to achieve greater student success, you may be eligible for one these grants.

Here are some characteristics that may indicate your course is eligible for the Re-Engineering Grant program.

  • Desire to improve student performance in A-C range, relative to D / F/ W rates
  • Desire to improve perceptions of the course or address specific concerns raised in student evaluations
  • Concerns about student outcomes that are declining or do not meet your expectations, especially compared to on-campus classes
  • Noticeable signs of students struggling with workload or accelerated pace
  • Faculty or coaches struggling with faculty workload on an accelerated pace

If you have a course that meets one of these criteria, you may apply for a Course Re-Engineering Grant of $500.

If your course is accepted into the Re-Engineering Program, Academic Services and Products will partner with you to conduct the following analysis and provide hands-on production support over a period of five weeks.

  • Needs Assessment – Discussion with the faculty course owner regarding course objectives, course design, and student success issues. We will walk through a logic model that focuses on desired outcomes, outputs, and activities of the course.  One week.
  • Gathering Data — ASP will need access to recent course sections in the LMS and any available student evaluations. (Note, many Academic Partnerships agreements allow this information to be shared between the university and AP; we can verify your university’s agreement before you share this information).   One week.
  • Analyzing Data – ASP will conduct preliminary data analysis to help identify the root causes of student success. One of our underlying assumptions is that student success is a multifaceted issue, requiring investigating several areas such as student readiness and engagement, faculty / coach engagement, timing and availability of resources, and course design and usability. The data analysis will be shared with the faculty course owner for discussion.  One week.
  • Developing Recommendations – Based on the data and conversations with the faculty course owner, Academic Services and Products will develop recommendations for course improvement with supporting logic, rationale, and suggestions for how to evaluate success. The faculty member will choose which recommendations to implement. One week.
  • Implementing Recommendations – The ASP team will provide hands-on support to help the faculty implement the recommendations. Minimum one week.
  • Measuring Results – Results will be collected in the next course offer. Time TBD.

If you are interested in a Course Re-Engineering Grant, please complete this form – Grant_ASP_Course Reenginnering_20190108 and submit by March 1, 2019, for the first round of grants.