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Faculty Research Grant – Special Topic – NEW

Academic Partnerships is pleased to highlight a special opportunity for faculty to pilot a course innovation featuring ApprenNet, a video collaboration tool that promotes practice, peer interaction, self-reflection, and mentoring.  Through its video and mobile-based platform, ApprenNet helps teachers create, at scale, learning environments that yield meaningful skill development without degrading the efficacy of the learning.  To learn the details click here or jump to the last page of this announcement. 

We encourage you to review the ApprenNet case studies here:   

After reviewing the ApprenNet tool, we love its usability and peer review features, and believe it’s particularly powerful for the following use cases:

  • Students responding to video prompt and demonstrating technical skills through video (e.g. performing a suture, correctly handling a pipet, etc.)
  • Students responding to video prompt and demonstrating soft skills through video, e.g. logical argument, critique, or a role-playing scenario 

To date, ApprenNet has done research within its platform that demonstrates that students who use their platform practice more.  (  In addition, peer review is an integral part of the platform, and recent research reveals that an average of peer grades corresponds to instructor grades, a finding that can help faculty leverage the benefits of peer review in the online classroom.


ApprenNet Research Topics of Interest:

  • Control study to measure the correlation between instructor scores and peer-review scores of a student video response within the ApprenNet platform
  • Control that study that compares the efficacy of a group work assignment (with same outcomes) using ApprenNet and another method of peer review

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email [email protected], and we will schedule a short ApprenNet demo for faculty interested in learning more about the platform.

ApprenNet will participate in reviewing research submissions for this topic and has generously offered to provide its platform free-of-charge to students and faculty for the duration of the pilot. In exchange, ApprenNet would be able to include the summary of the research online on its website.  The tool is available via LTI but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution, and they provide faculty and student technical support. 

We look forward to reviewing submissions for this topic.