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RN-BSN Capstone: Samples and Resources

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Example 1: Single Project/Paper Type 1: Large Project

  • Gradable components:
    • Discussions
    • Reflective Journals
    • Journey Paper
    • Capstone Project (3 parts: outcomes and content, structure, and presentation and evaluation)
    • Resume or CV
  • Capstone Project
    • Student picks one of three areas (management, clinical or education) of interest for concentrated study.
    • Broken up into parts in weeks 2 – 4; each part is graded individually, but will be put together at the end and graded as a whole
    • Presentation and Evaluation
      • Students submit their draft project earlier in week 4 to a discussion board, where they must provide feedback to two other projects
      • Students submit a 20-30 minute PowerPoint presentation (time based on “speaker notes” provided), project structure chart containing all parts from the past weeks, and evaluation tools

Type 2: Evidence-Based Practice Paper (EBP)

  • Gradable Components:
    • Group Discussions (related to EBP Project)
    • Parts of EBP paper graded individually
  • Parts of EBP Paper (1 part per week of 5 week course)
    • Title page and Introduction
    • Literature Review and Appraisal
    • Plan for Implementation
    • Proposed Plan to Evaluate Implementation Success
    • PowerPoint Presentation of Final Paper

Example 2: Several Small Assignments

  • Gradable Components:
    • 6 small assignments (weekly)
    • Student activities
    • Professional development reflection
    • Resume update
    • Discussions
  • Assignment topics:
    • U.S. Global Health Initiatives
    • Healthcare Organization Systems
    • Nursing Roles
    • Patient Advocacy
    • Improving Nursing Care for Consumers
    • Professional Development Reflection
    • Professional Development for Nursing Staff
    • Develop, deliver, and evaluate a change on a unit to be in compliance with the area’s health organization
    • Develop and implement new policy/procedure
    • Develop and implement community health fair

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