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Snapguide: Visually Express Your How-To Content

Submitted by on March 4, 2013 – 5:11 pm2 Comments

Here’s a tool for you to express your how-to content. Snapguide is an iOS app that lets you jot down instructions in a simple, already formatted spread–you just add your text, images, and videos. And much like Twitter and Pinterest, you can follow other users and mark favorites guides to revisit later. Myriad how-to’s are posted in a swipeable step-by-step format, complete with author’s name and picture, plus the social media buttons to like, comment, share, and even embed the guide.

iPad cover

Screenshot from iPad.


Screenshot of Snapguide on the web.

Snapguide aims to be a place for users to develop how-to content, inspire others to learn new things, and share what they’re passionate about (gathered from this AdWeek article). Because this app matches some basic needs of instructors around the globe, Snapguide is popping up in educators’ blogs and other social media outlets. Also, make sure to follow this pinner’s page dedicated to Snapguides 4 the Classroom.

Use Snapguide in Your Course

Snapguide was built to be super simple to use and to create guides. Guides are divided into 17 categories like Arts & Crafts, Games & Tricks, Music, Outdoors, and Technology.

Create a guide when you have a process to share with students. The app walks you through documenting a process in real time, so students benefit from seeing your ideal example with real possibilities and implications. Or assign your students to document an experiment or learning activity with Snapguide. And this tool includes the ability for students and instructors to comment on an entire guide, or even the specific steps of a guide.

Viewer comments under a Snapguide

Viewers can comment on entire Snapguides and individual steps.

  Direct students to your Guides page that holds various guides about your expectations or instructions. These instructors and professionals have created pages to contain their guides:

You’ll find helpful guides on any topic, including guides worthy of sharing with other instructors on how to integrate activities into the classroom. For example, this instructor uses images + video to explain How to Teach Newton’s Playground: (Click View the Guide to see it in action.) Check out How to Teach Newton’s Playground by GameDesk on Snapguide.

Start Your Snapguide

These guides will help get you started in Snapguide: How to use Snapguide and How to Create a Guide on iPad. To create a guide, go to the App Store and install Snapguide (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). The quickest options are to connect an existing Facebook or Twitter account, but you can also create a Snapguide account using your email address. Shoot photos or videos (up to 60 seconds per video) in the steps of your process, add text instructions, then publish your guide. That’s it. You’re only limited to an iOS device if you’re creating guides. The Snapguide team is currently perfecting its iOS platform, so use this tool to create guides using your iDevices. Anyone can view guides–Snapguide is formatted to work beautifully on a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop browser. Hint: Helpful guides include a typed-out objective at the beginning. Other guides even include an FAQ slide. Read all the helpful details on Snapguide’s FAQ page.

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Share Your Experiences

How have you used Snapguide in your course? What instructions or assignments would most benefit from the visual format Snapguide provides? If you’ve started your Snapguide guides page, please share a link with us!