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Tackling a New Year’s Resolution with

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I set a goal that in 2013, I would be more proactive in exploring new learning technologies. If you’re like me, you read about a new learning technology, know that it would benefit your online course, tell yourself that you will look into it later, and then it gets stored in the Bermuda Triangle of your brain. Sound familiar? I wanted to change that this year. Thanks to Faculty eCommons, it didn’t take long for this goal to be tested. My first day in the office in 2013, I received an alert that the Faculty eCommons posted about a virtual collaboration tool, Despite urges to “look into it later,” I dove into the post — and the tool. I decided to try out using it as the vehicle for completing an item on my to-do list: review Faculty Focus’ Top 12 Teaching and Learning Articles for 2012. Not only did it make my task of reviewing the twelve articles more fun, but also kept me on track and organized while reviewing each article. It also allowed me to see the big picture of my task while also zeroing in on the details of each article. The tool is extremely user-friendly and intuitive — the learning curve was almost non-existent. Take a look at what I created:

(Click image to view entire mural.)

Screenshot of example is definitely a tool I would recommend to the faculty I work with on a daily basis. It can easily be incorporated into an online course, and it’s ideal for fostering student collaboration in a virtual learning environment. Keeping up with the world of learning technologies provides enough obstacles, so discovering a learning technology that is fun and easy to use was certainly a great start to accomplishing my 2013 goal. What are some of your 2013 goals for teaching online? Please share in the Comments section below.

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