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An Easy Method for Building Relationships in Online Courses
March 5, 2013 – 12:08 pm | 14 Comments

Building rapport and establishing relationships are critical to the success of an online course. This practice promotes learning, engagement, and retention.
I understand the importance of community first-hand from the perspective of a student. I remember feeling overwhelmed and …

Using Videos in the Virtual Classroom
October 25, 2012 – 8:55 am | One Comment


Statistics reveal an increasing popularity of online video.
Videos bring value to online courses by increasing interactivity, fostering engagement, and contributing real-world content.
When incorporating videos into a course, instructors should consider the principles below to ensure …

Twitter: A Tool to Engage the Online Student
October 13, 2012 – 7:22 pm | 5 Comments


Social networking sites can help foster student engagement.
Twitter’s minimalistic features make it a top contender among social networking sites to incorporate in learning environments.
In the virtual classroom, Twitter can help students create meaningful connections …