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What Are the Common Fears of Teaching Online?

Submitted by on April 4, 2013 – 2:35 pm2 Comments

uncertainty_aheadAs the number of online courses skyrockets, so does the number of new online instructors. Without prior experience in the virtual classroom, these instructors can feel apprehensive and fearful about teaching in a new (and unfamiliar) platform.

Many community members of the Faculty eCommons share this sentiment—they’re uncertain and anxious about what to expect as they prepare to teach online for the first time. These fears are legitimate and common, but easily alleviated—even eliminated—with some advice and guidance from experienced online teachers.

Lend your wisdom and experience—help your fellow online instructors overcome these common fears! In the list below, add a fear you faced teaching online for the first time, and offer advice or reasoning to help other online instructors overcome their anxieties.


  • I started teaching online at a time when I already had experience of facing real classrooms for almost twenty years.Yet I was shaking like a fig leaf wondering whether I will be able to conduct the class because I was not a person well versed with technology. At home my daughter was there to boost me up . I was using the virtual classroom of WizIQ ( ) and remember the help extended by them. My experience of the first class was not spectacular but I did not give up. I was at it , spending time and putting up my effort and today I am enjoying my fruits of labour. They are the sweetest I must say.

  • Sarah Linden says:


    You’re not the only new online instructor who feared technology–that seems to be a common concern. Sounds like you quickly adapted, though, and we’re glad to hear you’ve overcome that fear!

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂