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Technology: The Answer to 3 Educational Challenges

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With the constant push towards integrating technology into teaching practices, educators have asked, “Does technology really make a difference for learning?

According to Richard Culatta, deputy director of the Office of Educational Technology, it all depends on how you’re using technology in your pedagogy.

technology-icons-surrounding-brainFrom years of classroom observation, Culatta has identified education’s current state of technology integration as the digital divide–that is, the divide between those who leverage technology to reimagine learning and those who use technology to digitize learning.

If we integrate technology by simply digitizing classroom elements (chalkboards, textbooks, lectures), we’ve only created a digital version of traditional teaching methods; however, when we use technology to solve issues and accomplish things we weren’t able to before, technology does transform learning.

In the TEDx video below, Culatta explains that by leveraging technology, we can solve three major challenges faced by educators across the country:

  1. We treat all learners the same (despite individuals’ knowledge and backgrounds).
  2. We hold schedules constant and allow learning to vary (instead of adjusting schedules to accommodate learning).
  3. We assign grades too late to be useful for the learner.

Watch the video where Culatta discusses how to personalize learning through technology, and let us know what you think in the comments section below: How how have you used technology to reinvent learning? Can you add to Culatta’s list of technology’s applications in education?




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