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TED-Ed: Flipping Videos into Interactive Lessons

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ted-ed logo TED-Ed  is a free website that contains a growing video library for educators and learners to use as educational lessons. Like TED Talks, TED-Ed promotes the sharing of ideas and collaboration—it lets you “flip” a video, meaning you create an entire customized lesson around a video using features provided by the TED-Ed platform. Through these features, students engage with video content on a deeper level than watching the video only: (Click image to enlarge.)

Ted-Ed Features_3

Ted-ED features let you flip videos into interactive lessons, enabling students to engage with course content and peers through a single, integrated platform.

The Watch, Think, Dig Deeper, Discuss, …And Finally tabs promote student-content, student-instructor, and student-student interaction. They also engage students in various learning preferences: video for those who prefer visual and aural learning, open-ended questions and additional reading for those who prefer verbal learning, and discussions for those who prefer social learning.


The Watch tab contains the video you select for the lesson. TED-Ed is integrated with YouTube and offers a search function that lets you access YouTube videos. Tip: If you want to flip your own video, upload the video into your YouTube channel. List your video as public. This enables you and others to access it through TED-Ed.


Assess students on video content using the Think tab. It lets you create two types of questions: multiple choice and open-ended. You can create up to fifteen questions. Using the time feature, you direct students to a specific location in the video where the answer may be implicit or explicit. You can also provide student-specific feedback on open-ended questions: Feedback

Dig Deeper

The Dig Deeper tab lets you hyperlink to additional resources so students can further explore lesson topics via e-books, journal articles, or helpful sites.


The Discuss tab allows you to create class discussions, providing students the opportunity to reflect on and talk about video topics. It also lets students create their own open discussions, engaging them in deeper thinking and interaction.

…And Finally

This tab provides a place for concluding statements. Direct student towards their next activity, or reintroduce ideas presented in the video lesson to reinforce major concepts.

Share and Manage Your Flipped Video

Share your flipped video via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Google +, or by embedding the flipped-video link inside your LMS. For each flipped video, you can view lesson stats and the number of submitted posts in the discussion section. You can also download student responses for easier grading: (Click to enlarge.) Active_student info
TED-Ed sends you alerts also for lesson activity, such as who viewed the lesson and who completed the lesson. Students receive email alerts when you provide feedback on open-ended questions.

Your Turn!

If you’ve used TED-Ed to flip a video into a course lesson, share the video link in the comments section! [social-bio]

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