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Why Video Length Matters

Submitted by on November 1, 2012 – 8:50 pmNo Comment

In an online course, videos can create rich learning environments by brining course content to life and, contrary to popular belief, increasing student engagement. To make sure that each video in a course reaches its potential impact on student learning, consider the video’s length. Stated on the Wistia website:

“You probably know that shorter is better, with 50% more people watching a 1 min video vs a 2 min video. But did you know that a 4-5 min video will have about the same amount of engagement (people watching to the end) as a 8-10 min video?”


Source: The longer the video, the less students remain engaged. Shorter videos of 4-5 minutes will keep viewers attention to the end–chunk your videos into bite sized lectures. Let’s look at the numbers a little closer: (Click image to enlarge.)
infographic of video length data [social-bio]

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