Module Learning Objectives

Helpful Tips

  • Students must have opportunities to demonstrate the learning objectives, so consider how you will assess each objective.  Make sure the action verb you select matches the assessment. For example, it is difficult to show synthesis of a topic with a multiple-choice quiz question (QM 2.2, 2.3, 2.5). 


  • Avoid words and phrases that are difficult to measure when composing objectives (e.g., understand, demonstrate an understanding, demonstrate knowledge, etc.). It helps to ask yourself how students will specifically show they understand a particular skill or concept (e.g., discuss, compare/contrast, analyze, etc.).


  • Module objectives should be distinct to that module and not repeated between modules. If it is repeated, then it might be better as a course objective.
  • Module objectives should be written from the student’s perspective and connect their current learning to future goals. Being able to see how the learning is connected increases students’ motivation, satisfaction, and persistence.