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Instructional Design

  • Preventing Students from Ghosting Your Class...
    The first few weeks of class are over, the newness has worn off and now the reality of a new semester, or the first semester, is setting in for faculty and students.  The first week or two of a semester is always exciting.  We’re all at our best.  As faculty, we’ve designe [...]
  • Creating Magic in Your (Online) Classroom...
    We all know that the best teachers are most often those who ignite passion and curiosity within their students. What we may not all know (yet) is that we can spark this same magic in our online classrooms. Just ask those of us who have been teaching online for years. A handful of this, a sprinkle of [...]
  • Eleven Alternative Assessments for a Blended Synchronous Lea...
    Our mid-sized state university decided to institute a blended synchronous delivery model this year. A facilitated online workshop was offered over the summer to assist faculty in designing classes for the new learning environment, where almost 600 faculty registered. One area we explored included al [...]

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