Academic Services and Products:

Learning Design and Innovation

The ASP-LDI team drives AP’s edtech solutions that:

  • Strengthen skills mastery, student engagement, and retention
  • Help to realize AP’s commitment to quality and low cost
  • Accelerate speed to market
  • Help our partners offer a distinctly competitive product in a growing marketplace

Driving access and enablement of best-in-class educational tools, templates, and technology to improve both faculty and student experiences.

Patented Program Mapping Support & Reporting Software

For Academic Program Mapping and Reporting

Coursetune is AP’s proprietary and patented program mapping support and reporting software that offers:

  • Support for program and course level mapping
  • Helps program leaders and faculty visualize program alignment
  • Helps leaders in the office of institutional effectiveness visualize outcomes aligned for effectiveness and workforce relevance
  • Supports the student experience and student outcomes by informing scaffolding of learning and assessment activities
  • Visualization tools help strengthen scope, sequence and skills mastery
  • Helps program leaders better prepare for accreditation visits
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Engaging Student Orientation Experiences

AP Orientation solutions are designed to be scalable, flexible, and meet program needs while offering students the right amount of preparation and support throughout the life of their program in order to support increased persistence and graduation rates.

The orientations help students gain information that is critical to their success in their program such as financial aid help, resources for time management and online expectations and learning strategies.

Faculty-Driven Course Design Software & Templates

Catalyst is a revolutionary, faculty-centric software for course design and development built on the patented power of Coursetune for true curricular alignment. With one click, the course is pushed straight to your LMS. Catalyst offers partner faculty

  • Interactive course planning support
  • Helps faculty design well-aligned courses
  • Automatic course export to LMS saves faculty effort
  • Helps faculty map their courses while they build them

Project Management & Operational Support

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Supporting the faculty experience during course development is crucial, as it ensures that educators have the necessary resources and guidance to create engaging, high-quality educational content that meets the learning needs of students.

Our operations team keeps the trains running on time and enables everyone involved in the program development process to be able to focus on their area of expertise in order to develop instructionally-sound, engaging, and meaningful student experiences. 

Edtech Research, Development, & Partnerships

Edtech revolutionizes the learning experience by integrating digital tools and innovative methods to enhance both teaching and student engagement. 

The LDI Team at AP keeps best-in-class edtech within reach with internally-developed, proprietary solutions, and managed partnerships across the industry meant to reduce barriers of access for our university partners.

Educational Technology Updates