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Academic Services and Products:

Academic Program Planning

A faculty-centered approach in developing competitive and rigorous online programs. Our differentiated model honors the subject matter expertise of our faculty partners while providing the university with the consultative services of our experienced discipline-specific practitioners.

“You are all so fabulous to work with, and we know a lot of our online success is due to our partnerships with you all!”
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Dr. Shantel Farnan, Associate Professor
Northwest Missouri State University

Our Services: What We Do

The Academic Services and Products Academic Program Planning team assists with online program planning to drive stronger persistence rates and student and faculty satisfaction through faculty education, empowerment, and tech-enablement. 

During working sessions with university program leadership, ASP will lead conversations surrounding program structure, program outcomes and competency alignment, course sequencing and offering schedule, entrance/exit competencies, accelerated course design, program schedule and duration, the student profile and online experience, and accommodation of unique university practices. These planning sessions provide the foundation for the work faculty will do in their individual courses.

The Academic Program Planning team leverages the power of program mapping support software and tools to help faculty strengthen their curriculum in support of industry career-pathing, upskilling and reskilling opportunities, and continuous improvement as it relates to meeting the ever-changing needs of employers and the workforce.

Academic program planning leadership also offers faculty professional development workshops as part of the planning process focused on a core curriculum of online teaching and learning best practices that include subjects like course mapping, workforce alignment, accessibility, and course facilitation.

Course Offer Schedule Support

Optimize academic and operational considerations while creating program that maximize flexibility and online student persistence

Common Program Elements

Develop a consistent student experience across all courses in an online accelerated program

Program Design Resources

Access research, guidance, and other resources that will help support your program development

Working with the Academic Program Planning Team

What do you love most about your institution and program? What do you hope your programs provide for your students and graduates? Learn how working with Academic Program Planning can help transform your online, accelerated program and its future graduates.

Snapshot of ASP services: access to discipline-specific practitioners, student roadmap schedules (carousels), defining and designing the student experience, and faculty professional development

VP, Academic Services and Products

Kashif Asdi

Dr. Kashif Asdi, Ph.D.

Dr. Kashif Asdi works with program leaders and faculty to support university and department strategic priorities around online educational innovation. Dr. Asdi is committed to using an interdisciplinary approach to design efficient and flexible online curricula and assessments.

Dr. Asdi has led teams of curriculum specialists and instructional designers to create competency-based, learning-centered curricula for fully online and hybrid programs at Western Governor’s University, Capella University, and the University of Minnesota.

It was wonderful to speak with you and your colleagues. We’ve been diving deeper into the resources you provided, and we’re beginning to make plans to disseminate them to our faculty. Thank you for providing such great help to us. These are difficult times, and it’s nice to know we have knowledgeable partners who care about our success.
Dr. Johnny MacLean, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs
Southern Utah University