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Quality Review Standard 6

Course Technology

Course technologies support learners’ achievement of course objectives or competencies.

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Specific Review Standard 6.1Specific Review Standard 6.2 | Specific Review Standard 6.3 | Specific Review Standard 6.4 

QM Specific Review
Standard 6.1

The tools used in the course support the learning objectives or competencies.

The educational technologies used in your course should contribute to the achievement of your course and module learning objectives. Indicate the relationship between technology and learning objectives to students throughout the course.

QM Specific Review
Standard 6.2

Course tools promote learner engagement and active learning.

Tools and technologies used in your course should help enhance the learning experience for students by having them take a more active role in their learning. For example, online courses should use tools like simulations, discussion boards, synchronous meetings, asynchronous video, and/or quizzing features to help keep students engaged with their content and with one another. 

QM Specific Review
Standard 6.3

A variety of technology is used in the course.

Courses should not rely on a single type of technology in order to enhance the learning experience. Instead, select and use a variety of technologies like podcasts, videos, simulations, wikis, discussions, and more to promote active learning in your course and better reach your diverse group of learners.

QM Specific Review
Standard 6.4

The course provides learners with information on protecting their data and privacy.

For any tool used in your course, provide students links to the tools’ provided privacy policies.

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