ASP Employee Spotlight: Greta Lea-Plaza

This month we’re celebrating Greta Lea-Plaza, Project Manager with Academic Services and Products. As a Project Manager, Greta works closely with internal AP Leadership to support the design of high-quality, accelerated online programs that drive down costs for students. When she’s not working with members of ASP, Greta also serves as a member of the Spirit Committee and is a recent PMP certification recipient!

We sat down with Greta to ask her a few questions:

What is your favorite sandwich?

Grilled cheese, onions, and tomatoes with black pepper.

What are you most proud of in your career previous to life at AP?

I am proud of working with young students in the countryside of Busan, SK. They went to a small public school with little resources. I hope I encouraged them in some way. They were wonderful students.

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

My perfect Saturday is at the beach and it’s a beautiful, sunny day.

What are your 5 Strengthsfinder strengths? What is your favorite strength and why?

Responsibility, Includer, Harmony, Consistency, Relator. My favorite is Responsibility. It describes me perfectly! Follow through has always been very important to me whether it’s professionally or personally.

What book could you not put down?

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

What is your favorite family tradition or food?

My favorite family food is croquetas or croquettes that are lighly breaded snacks filled with ham or fish & bechamel. They are fried crispy on the outside. You could make them vegetarian too.

What meaningful item is within 20 feet of you right now?

My lucky earrings – I always keep them nearby.

How do you take time for yourself?

I exercise and I like to go for walks as Dallas has many trails in the city. I do like to treat myself to a facial once a year. That’s always relaxing!

Thank you, Greta, for all you do for AP and our University partners!