Beneficial Competitive Attributes

In addition to the overall attributes that AP recommends to help ensure an online program is competitive in the market, the Academic Services and Products team has identified additional attributes that facilitate successful program implementation and delivery.

Competitive Characteristics

Program Attributes
  • Good standing with regional accreditors and other relevant accrediting agencies and state boards
  • Has necessary approvals from university and/or system governing boards
  • Commits to annual or biannual program review with AP after initial courses have been built to support course enhancement and
  • Strong program director with time available to lead the program who has oversight over faculty assignments
  • For graduate programs, modifying the part-time Financial Aid definition to 3 credit hours/semester
Laptop with the faculty ecommons website pulled up. The user is on the anatomy of a quality course page.
Design Attributes
  • If the program has a high-stakes licensure exam post-graduation, ensuring that test preparation is embedded and/or aligned within the curriculum and that the program actively monitors passing rates.
  • Mid-term and/or final student evaluations are included in the courses, with feedback shared with AP to support program review and enhancement.
  • An online student orientation/resource area is available to students prior to their first class online.
Faculty Attributes
  • Agreement for faculty to engage in professional development and adhere to a quality course rubric.

Additional Competitive Characteristics for Specific Types of Degrees