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Instructional Design

  • Why You Should Be a Selfish Instructor...
    With coronavirus vaccines now approved for use, there is finally some light at containing the COVID-19 tunnel that has been restricting activities for the past year.  But in the early days of the pandemic, we all did what we had to in order to flatten the curve, and that meant quickly switching to [...]
  • Five Online Tools to Help Support a Learning Community in Yo...
    There is no doubt that the COVID‐19 pandemic has radically revolutionized teaching methods and student interactions in the classroom. Like millions of teachers around the world not formally prepared for this global pandemic, it was quite challenging as an early-career second language writing instr [...]
  • Bringing the Outdoors Online: Creating Online Field Labs...
    Field labs, common in natural resource and agricultural education programs, have learning objectives that can be hard to transfer to an online environment. Covid-19 has necessitated the movement of many courses into an online environment; this creates challenges for all courses, but particularly for [...]

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