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Instructional Design

  • To Be a Truly Effective Teacher: Learn Something that is Dif...
    I have been teaching various levels of reading skills and composition to native and non-native speakers, to immigrants and U.S. citizens, to people with talent and interest, and I have one thing to say: In order to teach well, you need to learn something that does not come easy. We need to be able t [...]
  • The Focus is You: Michelle Pautz...
    Michelle Pautz, PhD, is an assistant provost for the Common Academic Program and professor of Political Science at the University of Dayton. She shares that being patient with yourself is key when starting out and that having a humble mantra helps when it comes to learning. For Pautz, watching her s [...]
  • Engaged Gazes: Principles that Online and Flipped Teaching C...
    Online instructors have known for some time that the primary work of creating an online course consists of “curation,” which is usually understood to be a matter of selecting and creating appropriate texts and videos (Davis, 2017). But if we were to look critically at museums, an ideal r [...]

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