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Instructional Design

  • From Virtual Spectator to Participant: Engaging Students in ...
    Keeping students engaged in online courses takes careful consideration. Technology options are available to help create a virtual learning environment that promotes social interaction. Occasionally, engaging students in synchronous online learning activities is one option for facilitating connection [...]
  • How Open Education Enables Culturally Responsive Teaching...
    Think back for a moment to when you were a student. Did the scientists you studied in biology look like you? Did the word problems you sweated over in geometry reflect your culture or the neighborhood where you grew up? Did the books you read in history class include the perspectives of your ancesto [...]
  • Asynchronous Video: A Powerful Way to Teach, Present, and Co...
    Recent technology and internet presence have become an essential part of education and classroom learning. Interactive multimedia, audio/video tutorials, and asynchronous content have taken center stage in discussions around pedagogy. As we moved to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, inst [...]

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