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Instructional Design

  • Using the Labyrinth as a Self-care Tool for University Stude...
    What is a labyrinth? A labyrinth is an ancient archetype with a singular meandering path that leads from an outer edge to a center. Unlike a maze, which is designed to puzzle or confuse, a labyrinth has one path in and one path out. For 4,000 years or more, the labyrinth has been used as […] The p [...]
  • Helping Students Find their Writing Voice...
    I woke up when I heard the opening chords of Chopin’s Ballade in F Major. I’d been dozing off, phone in my hand, trying to keep up with the news. I vaguely remember Dr. Fauci and Rand Paul’s heated jabs about the pandemic because by then, the piano music, the subtle, delicate sounds of innocen [...]
  • An Outsider Looking In: Advocating a Sense of Community for ...
    While checking my university email several weeks after being hired, I beamed with excitement as I read the invitation for my first faculty welcome week brunch and address hosted by the provost and president. I eagerly accepted the invite and two weeks later hesitantly entered the auditorium. As I li [...]

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