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Instructional Design

  • Seven Strategies for Embracing the Emotional Labor of Teachi...
    While attending a student success workshop a few years ago and gaining strategies to connect with students, I thought, “What about how hard I work just to be friendly and kind?” Although the workshop was beneficial, it seemed like a foundational portion of my labor was invisible. What about the [...]
  • CORE Principles of Effective Teaching: Emerging from the Pan...
    Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, many have wondered whether education will ever be the same again. Here, at the Catholic University of America Center for Teaching Excellence, we found ourselves building new training programs (remotely) and supporting faculty as they navigated constant unpredictabilit [...]
  • How to Improve and Promote Student Engagement in the Online ...
    The online classroom can be challenging when it comes to engagement and presence. Students often enter the online classroom nervous, not just about content but about the practicalities of learning in the online environment. As an instructor, it is important to know that your students are motivated t [...]

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