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Instructional Design

  • How Students Re-Imagined the Teach-Learning Environment and ...
    For the past three years, I have taught a social entrepreneurship course with a semester-long project called Climb Above Addiction. This social venture supports prevention and recovery from drug addiction through a field-day type fundraiser themed around rock climbing. During COVID-19, my students w [...]
  • Using Announcements to Give Narrative Shape to your Online C...
    Instructors, and instructional designers, spend a lot of time thinking about the flow of a classroom and how to create an intuitive sensibility that paves the progression a student might take through their course work. But there’s value in calling attention to the workflow. In order to ensure [...]
  • Getting Students to Discuss by Channeling the Affective Doma...
    One of the most satisfying moments in teaching is leading a lively discussion in which students are deeply engaged in the material and contributing thoughtfully. However, as I’m sure most instructors can relate, far too often I’ve found myself in the opposite situation. Students are relu [...]

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