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Instructional Design

  • Emotions in Online Teaching: A Powerful Tool for Helping Onl...
    Online classes, by their very nature as distance learning experiences, present barriers to student engagement and learning. These barriers are a primary reason that we see low student engagement and higher attrition rates in online classes. But we have a powerful tool to fight for online student att [...]
  • Implementing Instructional Design Approaches to Inform Your ...
    The primary focus of any instruction should be to focus on the learning outcomes or capabilities you are trying to achieve. Bloom (1956, 1964) identified three types of learning outcomes: cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitudes, emotions, and values), and psychomotor (skills). For each outcome, [...]
  • Initiating Classroom Dialogue about Race: A Narrative Framew...
    When I think about diversity here in college, I can hear myself saying “What if? What if I could go back and talk to my undergrad professors and my graduate professors and sit them down in the times or moments where I felt I was not heard?” I would ask them to start the semester, start [...]

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