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Instructional Design

  • New Role for Academics: Guardians of Lives...
    During a recent physical, my doctor informed me that my blood pressure was off the charts.  She asked if I was experiencing stress.  I thought, “What academic—who cares about the well-being of their students during the COVID-19 pandemic—isn’t experiencing stress?”  What came out of my m [...]
  • Building Self-Efficacy: How to Feel Confident in Your Online...
    Now that we are into the realities of teaching in a COVID-world, I keep hearing similar sentiments from my colleagues, something to the effect of, “It’s going fine, but I don’t feel like a good teacher anymore.”  What I hear in these statements is not a bad teacher but one who has lost conf [...]
  • Part Three of Practical Mid-Career Teaching Reflections: Ass...
    I would like to begin with one of the age-old dilemmas facing instructors.  We all probably concur that teamwork is a key skill needed in our professional and personal lives, and that students can learn differently by collaborating within teams.  Yet freeriding is often rife within group projects, [...]

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