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Instructional Design

  • 21 Ways to Structure an Online Discussion, Part Four...
    *This is a five-part series. Each Monday, we will be publishing the next consecutive part of the article series.   Five Online Discussion Ideas to Foster Metacognition In this post, the fourth in a series of five articles describing ideas for structuring an online discussion, we will explore ways t [...]
  • Adapting Group Activities for COVID to Ignite Student Engage...
    A year after being thrust into virtual learning, professors and students agree online learning and Zoom classes are workable, but it is just not the same as in-person learning. The benefits of online learning are well-established in research, but what is often lost are those in-class collaboration o [...]
  • Proactive Microresistance in a Microaggressive World...
    Microresistance is the umbrella term for small-scale individual or collaborative efforts that empower targeted people and allies to cope with, respond to, and/or challenge microaggressions with a goal of disrupting systems of oppression as they unfold in everyday life, thereby creating more inclusiv [...]

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