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Instructional Design

  • Seven Things That Worked in My Online Class...
    Last spring, my college, like so many other schools, made a dramatic mid-semester pivot from face-to-face instruction to online classes. It was trial by fire for instructors and students alike. Fortunately, I embarked on this journey with a fire extinguisher in the form of a course in designing onli [...]
  • Three Ways to Use Student Feedback to Improve Your Course...
    You just submitted grades and you’re getting ready to teach again. You remember how your classes went, but each time you start planning, you wonder what your students thought about your class, what they learned, and how you might teach it better. However, other than mulling over the university [...]
  • Non-Traditional Readings: A Piece of Pandemic Pedagogy...
    On Friday, March 13th, I received the email. In response to the rising coronavirus pandemic, we were moving to one week of online instruction. Five days later, one week became the rest of the semester. I was not worried about the technicalities of remote instruction, having taught nine classes onlin [...]

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