Resource News – April 22, 2022

Higher Education Quality in Action Conference – Quality Matters – April 29

Take your online teaching and course design to the next level by participating in the Quality in Action conference for higher education. The curated selection of sessions provides hands-on, practical experience that will put you on a path to designing and teaching learner-centric courses that support learner success.

Learning Impact 2022 – IMS Global – June 13-16

Learning Impact is the can’t-miss edtech conference of the year. Professionals from K-12 through higher education, government, and learning technology and content providers connect and collaborate to get ahead of what’s next in teaching and learning.

As students’ expectations and needs have shifted, campus leaders realize the imperative to expand hybrid courses. 

Transforming College Teaching – HP

Read the Case Study to discover how VR modules enhanced coursework at Jackson State University, providing for a deeper learning experience beyond textbooks and lectures.

Digital Transformation: Setting the Strategy – The Chronicle of Higher Education & AWS

Now, as hopes of a return to normalcy are growing, how should colleges set the strategy for using technology moving forward? And how can they continue the momentum of the past few years to continue implementing long-awaited updates?

Today’s Teachers are Deeply Disillusioned, Survey Data Confirms – EducationWeek

Conducted by the EdWeek Research Center for Merrimack College, the survey shows that teacher satisfaction rates have hit an all-time low.

Digital Transformation on Campus: Assessing College Leaders’ Attitudes on Strategic Technology Changes – The Chronicle of Higher Education & AWS

Though colleges have long been regarded as luddites, they are now wholeheartedly embracing digital change. Two years after the rapid digital pivot, where are college leaders’ minds now? And how have their attitudes evolved?

How Black Women Experience Student Debt – The Education Trust

Drawing on data from federal sources and our National Black Student Debt Study, this report shows how the student debt crisis is the result of failed and intentionally racist policies. 

Covid Created Better Choices and Accessibility for All Students – Fierce Education

COVID-19  impacts have resulted in several changes in higher education that are here to stay, many of which are referred to as the “New COVID-normal.” And although many of COVID’s impacts on higher education have been challenging, some impacts result in better choices and accessibility for students.

Let’s Not Romanticize 2019 for Online Learning – Phil on EdTech

The topic of this fireside chat at OLC Innovate between Phil on EdTech and Joe Moreau was “the need to not look back at 2019 as a time when we had online learning figured out, but to look forward and figure out how to apply the lessons of the past two years.” 

An Assault on Many Fronts – Inside Higher Ed

Students, parents, employees and administrators at historically Black colleges and universities are wrestling with the mental health challenges caused by repeated bomb threats.

What the surge in online MBA programs means for business schools – Fortune

What’s driving the steep demand for online MBA programs? And has this growth continued since the first year of the pandemic?

What is Accessible Education? Equality vs Equity in Inclusive Learning – ViewSonic 

Equality vs equity: which one is more important in achieving accessible education? The answer is both. 

Covid or Not, Why They Come (and How It’s Going) – Inside Higher Ed

A look at how the pandemic impacted—or didn’t—students’ admissions and college choice process and experiences.

A ‘Stunning’ Level of Student Disconnection – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Professors are reporting recored numbers of students checked out, stressed out, and unsure about their futures.

After the pandemic disrupted their high school educations, students are arriving at college unprepared – The Hechinger Report

Professors are scrambling to fill learning gaps and fend off what they say will be inequitable consequences

Faculty Usage of Digital Course Materials Falls Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels – Campus Technology

While many colleges and universities turned to digital course materials to serve the needs of remote learners during the pandemic, faculty usage of e-textbooks and other digital content has decreased now that classes have resumed in-person instruction.

Blue-Collar Workers Make the Leap to Tech Jobs, No College Degree Necessary – Wall Street Journal

The pandemic has helped catapult Americans in low-paying roles into more upwardly mobile careers.

Understanding what’s important to college students – Qualtrics

Two years into the pandemic, many of today’s college students have never known a traditional on-campus experience but instead have spent countless hours attending virtual classes and socially-distanced events. 

Teaching: Fresh Approaches to Faculty Development – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Overburdened professors don’t seem very interested in attending teaching workshops these days.

The Digital Revolution is Saving Higher Ed – EdSurge

The high priests of high tech predicted online education would put traditional colleges out of business. Instead, just the opposite happened, argues Robert Ubell. 

How online programs can keep students from disengaging and help them feel they belong – Higher Ed Dive

Student belonging is an ongoing process that requires outreach and a good user experience, writes a researcher and communications expert at WGU Labs.

Mental Health Matters and Care Escalation, A Conversation with Dr. Katherine Grill, CEO and Co-Founder Neolth – EdUP EdTech

Life has been challenging these last few years in the pandemic and there has been no exception in these challenges for young people. In this episode, Katherine discusses her passion for supporting others, especially in education.

Students Have Different Thinking Speeds & Styles: Inclusive Teaching Means Realizing That – EdSurge Podcast

Many classroom environments favor a certain kind of thinker, usually the students who are quick to recall a fact when the instructor asks a question. But that’s not the only type of mind, and it’s not even always the best kind of mind for learning, says Barbara Oakley, a professor of engineering at Oakland University

For What It’s Earth… Implementing Measures to Help Campuses Go Green – Faculty Focus Live

What better way to empower students to make a change in the world than working on their own campus?  In this episode, Beth Choate explains how campuses can motivate students and instructors to make positive changes in their future homes, future jobs, and all of the places that they’ll go.

Is a College Degree the Worst Investment You Can Make — or the Best? – Edsurge Podcast

At a recent education conference, two devoted educators faced off about the value of traditional college.

Countering Learning Loss – The Chronicle of Higher Ed & Zendesk

Professors are reporting a disconcerting level of disconnection among students, using words like “defeated,” “exhausted,” and “overwhelmed.” What’s more, some K-12 and college educators are worried about loss of specific skills or knowledge areas important because of the disruption of the pandemic. What are the right ways for colleges and faculty to reengage students in learning?

Accelerate Learning, Confidence, & Creativity with EdTech Tools – EdSurge

In this webinar, online leaders discuss how district leaders can effectively use technology to recharge and accelerate learning by calibrating their classrooms for the confidence and creativity students need to succeed.

Covid-19: What Still Lies Ahead for Universities – The Chronicle of Higher Education & Color

As we enter the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges are reflecting on how well they have adapted to the virus and considering their plans for the future. Those with the biggest challenges — large universities — must be particularly alert. What could still be on the horizon?

Building Academic Integrity in Online Courses – The Chronicle of Higher Education & Honorlock

The pandemic revealed the tremendous potential of online learning, as well as the appetite for it among students. Drawn by the flexibility and convenience online learning provides, students are driving demand for greater online course offerings. As colleges consider expanding their online programs, how can they ensure academic integrity?

Enrolling & Engaging Online Learners – Inside Higher Ed & Everspring – April 27

Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman as they examine enrollment trends, strategies that institutions are embracing to attract and graduate online students and the approaches colleges are taking to ensure that their online programs are of the highest quality.

Demo Day | LMS Platforms – Educause – April 28

Looking for an innovative learning management system (LMS)? Curious to learn more about the future development and roadmap of these essential student-success products? Join us for several 45-minute live, rapid-fire sessions from our corporate solution providers, as they present their learning management systems or LMS add-ons —a cornerstone in your digital learning strategy.

Exploring the 2022 Teaching and Learning Horizon Report – Educause – May 3

This webinar will explore the trends, challenges, and key technology developments identified by a panel of global experts in the 2022 Teaching and Learning Horizon Report.

The Evolving Conversation About Quality in Online Learning – Inside Higher Ed & NC SARA – May 4

In this webinar, you’ll hear from special report author Kristi DePaul and Inside Higher Ed Editor Doug Lederman as they discuss the newly-released special report, “The Evolving Conversation About Quality in Online Learning,” which examines how the pandemic has reshaped both the practice and perceptions of online, hybrid and blended learning in postsecondary education.