Resource News – February 10, 2023

SXSW EDU 2023 – SXSW March 6-9 (Austin)

This March 6-9, experience unparalleled discovery, learning, professional development, and networking with educators from around the world. The annual SXSW EDU Conference & Festival fosters innovation and learning, and features Conference sessions, film screenings, a world-class Exhibition, networking opportunities, competitions, and much more.

OLC Innovate: Education Reimagined – OLC  April 2-6 (Virtual), 18-21 (Nashville)
OLC and MERLOT are pleased to announce OLC Innovate 2023 and the opening of our Call for Proposals. Join us onsite April 18-21, 2023 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN (or virtually April 4-6, 2023). Share your innovative ideas with your global network of colleagues, your community, and those who inspire and seek inspiration.

ASU+GSV Summit 2023 BRAVE NEW WORLD – ASU+GSV April 17-19 (San Diego)

Imagining a new era in which all people have equal access to the future.

Teaching Professor Annual Conference – Faculty Focus June 9-11 (New Orleans)

Expand your love of teaching at the Teaching Professor Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 9-11, 2023. Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of your school year: a conference to network, learn, and refocus on why you got into teaching in the first place! This is the conference to delve into pedagogy, share experiences with peers, and reengage your mind and teaching with new insights, new sights, and new friends.

36th USDLA National Distance Learning Conference – USDLA July 17-20 (Orlando)

Many lessons have been learned over the past few years and there are countless new participants and practitioners in the distance and digital learning space. To help us all to reflect on the power and importance of distance education and to collaborate on the ideas and innovations that will move everyone forward, we have selected the theme: Distance Learning’s Time to Shine.”

InstructureCon 2023 – Instructure – July 26-28 (Denver)

In 2023, InstructureCon is happening in Denver, Colorado, at the beautiful Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center! It’s finally time to get back together again and have the best “eduventure” yet. We’ll have more ways than ever before to collaborate, learn, and have fun, not to mention a very special secret line-up of entertainment.

Solving Higher Education’s Wicked Problems, WGU Labs End of Year Impact Report  – WGU Labs

WGU Labs shares the EOY Impact Report, outlining our collective work around solving higher education’s Wicked Problems and predictions for 2023. The report will include an overview of the work done in 2022 for finding solutions to the Wicked Problems, and predictions like:

  • Instructional designers will play a huge role in showing the way students absorb tech enabled content, leading to a likely increase in open learning content, educational resources, and courses.
  • Colleges will have to work to better understand and increase belonging in their institutions to attract and retain students.
  • CBE will be fully recognized as a central solution to making college ROI clear, improving workforce-alignment, flexibility, skills acquisition, and alleviating workforce shortages. 

Recharge Your Higher Education Online Strategy in 2023 – Encoura

New research from the Eduventures Prospective Student Research™ Survey reveals that the percentage of high school juniors and seniors planning to attend fully online colleges has more than doubled compared to pre-pandemic levels. While the absolute numbers are small, online is a growing option for these students.

Why Banning ChatGPT in Class Is a Mistake – CampusTechnology

Artificial intelligence can be a valuable learning tool, if used in the right context. Here are ways to embrace ChatGPT and encourage students to think critically about the content it produces.

Why it’s Time To Reinvent Selective Colleges – The Washington Post

A recent opinion article published in The Washington Post argued that yes, higher ed’s top institutions should shift their approach so that they pride themselves on how many — not how few — students they educate.

Designing Assignments in the ChatGPT Era – Inside Higher Ed

Some instructors seek to craft assignments that guide students in surpassing what AI can do. Others see that as a fool’s errand—one that lends too much agency to the software.

What Is Happening in Florida? – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Demands for diversity data, a governing-board overhaul, and a pledge to strip “trendy ideology” from higher ed. Is Ron DeSantis just getting started?

State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Year-End 2022 Edition – Phil on EdTech

This provides updates on the institutional LMS market for North America (US and Canada) higher education. Note that the coverage for the market analysis includes Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding island countries) as well as North American K-12.

After Years of Drops, Undergraduate Enrollment Shows ‘Signs of Recovery’ – The Chronicle of Higher Ed

Undergraduate enrollment has stabilized according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, which provide a final tally on enrollment for the fall of 2022. It marks a slowdown of a trend that had been in effect for years, and which had worsened during the pandemic.

What Will ChatGPT Mean for Teaching? – EdSurge

By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. It’s a free AI chatbot that can spit out long-form answers to just about any question, in a way that sounds eerily human.

ChatGPT Has Colleges in Emergency Mode to Shield Academic Integrity – EdSurge

Many professors are expressing frustration and even “terror” over ChatGPT, the latest AI tool that students may be using to write their papers for them. That has academic honor committees scrambling to revise policies and provide resources to instructors.

Next Generation Leadership Partners on Building a Career in Higher Ed Technology – Educause

Hosts Cynthia and Jack talk with Mary Beth Baker and Phil Goldstein from Next Generation Learning Partners about the best way to approach approach, interview for, and attain a leadership position in higher ed technology.

Hoping to Regain Attention of Students, Professors Pay More Attention to Them – Edsurge

Getting and holding the attention of students is more difficult since the pandemic, according to many college instructors around the country. So they’re looking for inspiration from other sectors — including video game design and elementary school classrooms — to keep lectures interesting.

Attention Please: Professors Battle Student Disengagement – EdSurge

Keeping the attention of students during lectures has always been hard. And after COVID-19 disruptions that meant years of Zoom teaching, many professors say things are harder now. We’ve been exploring this rise in student disengagement — and what creative professors are doing to counteract it — in a three-part podcast series.

Is For-Profit Higher Education on Its Last Legs? – Inside Higher Ed

A panel of experts assesses the implications of news that the University of Phoenix might be sold to a public university system.

Webinar | Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) – Educause – February 13

The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) Project, currently in its eighth installment, presents the unique perspective of senior leaders in online learning and has become an indispensable guide for higher education strategy and forecasting. The CHLOE Project covers a broad array of online topics, such as infrastructure and staffing, strategies to support online students and faculty, and quality assurance efforts for online modalities.

From Research to Practice: Re-Energized–Focusing on Engagement to Promote Faculty Wellbeing – Faculty Focus – February 14

Rather than focusing on mitigating burnout, the presenters of this seminar have created an Engagement Support Framework for engaging faculty to promote wellbeing. This research-based framework keys in on six potential domains of your faculty’s job – workload, values, control, reward, community, and fairness – and connects each to crucial areas of faculty engagement – energy, involvement, and effectiveness.

Education 3.0: Connecting the Learning Experience – Yellowdig -February 16 

Yellowdig is devoted to creating a connected learning experience for students, and we are lucky to work with many leaders who are transforming this space. Each webinar will feature a unique leader to share their experience and expertise around the topic. The conversations in this webinar will resonate with institutions that are looking to create a fully connected experience for their learners from admission to alumni.

Demo Day | Analytics Platforms – Educause – February 28

Analytics help colleges and universities advance institutional goals, improve quality and efficiency, strengthen student outcomes, and enhance teaching, learning, and advising. Curious to learn more about the future development and roadmap of these essential platforms and services?

Higher Education in 2023 and Beyond: Grand Strategies for Post-Pandemic Grand Challenges – Educause – March 9

In 2019, EDUCAUSE described ways in which digital transformation can provide a “grand strategy” to help institutions address higher education’s “grand challenges,” which are some of the most consequential and widespread concerns facing higher education. Now we present a new set of grand challenges and introduce a second “grand strategy” that complements digital transformation. Update your strategic arsenal with insights and advice from EDUCAUSE. Participants will have a clear understanding of digital transformation and institutional resilience; will learn ways to translate institutional priorities into technology initiatives; and will develop perspectives on higher education’s major challenges.

Harnessing the Power of Data and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education – CampusTechnology

At the heart of the relationship between a university and its students is a powerful resource: data. Yet wielding that power requires not only the right tools, infrastructure, and processes, but also a culture of data-informed decision-making across the institution. In this industry fireside chat, Campus Technology Editor-in-Chief Rhea Kelly speaks with Jim Keller, AWS Channel Global Leader at Quantiphi, about key challenges that colleges and universities face across the student lifecycle and how intelligent data analytics can help better engage leaners from the moment they express interest in admission all the way to graduation and beyond.

Next Level PBL: Enhancing Project Based Learning with EdTech – EdTech Teacher

Educational technologies, when carefully designed and thoughtfully applied, have the power to amplify the impact of high-quality teaching and learning. In this workshop presented at #FETC 2023, participants explored specific technology integration strategies that can help take Project-Based Learning experiences to the next level!

2023 Learner Engagement Summit Session – Yellowdig

Hear from leaders, instructors, and designers from across academia who presented on a wide range of topics around learner engagement during the 2023 summit.