Resource News – January 13, 2023

OLC Innovate: Education Reimagined – OLC  April 2-6 (Virtual), 18-21 (Nashville)

OLC and MERLOT are pleased to announce OLC Innovate 2023 and the opening of our Call for Proposals. Join us onsite April 18-21, 2023 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN (or virtually April 4-6, 2023). Share your innovative ideas with your global network of colleagues, your community, and those who inspire and seek inspiration.

ASU+GSV Summit 2023 BRAVE NEW WORLD – ASU+GSV April 17-19 (San Diego)

Imagining a new era in which all people have equal access to the future.

Teaching Professor Annual Conference – Faculty Focus June 9-11 (New Orleans)

Expand your love of teaching at the Teaching Professor Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 9-11, 2023. Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of your school year: a conference to network, learn, and refocus on why you got into teaching in the first place! This is the conference to delve into pedagogy, share experiences with peers, and reengage your mind and teaching with new insights, new sights, and new friends.

36th USDLA National Distance Learning Conference – USDLA July 17-20 (Orlando)

Many lessons have been learned over the past few years and there are countless new participants and practitioners in the distance and digital learning space. To help us all to reflect on the power and importance of distance education and to collaborate on the ideas and innovations that will move everyone forward, we have selected the theme: Distance Learning’s Time to Shine.”

InstructureCon 2023 – Instructure – July 26-28 (Denver)

In 2023, InstructureCon is happening in Denver, Colorado, at the beautiful Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center! It’s finally time to get back together again and have the best “eduventure” yet. We’ll have more ways than ever before to collaborate, learn, and have fun, not to mention a very special secret line-up of entertainment.

The Best Scholarly Books of 2022 – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Thinkers including Hal Foster, Anthony Grafton, Martha Jones, and Anahid Nersessian pick their favorites.

Discrepancy in Reported US Higher Ed Fall Enrollment Declines – Phil on EdTech

Phil Hill identifies a significant discrepancy between the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) enrollment reports and the official IPEDS Fall 2021 data release on Fall 2021 enrollment.

Could the U.S. Soon See a Federal Minimum Salary for Teachers? – EdSurge

The American Teacher Act, a bill recently introduced in Congress, proposes establishing a federal minimum salary of $60,000 for all public school teachers—the first-ever measure in Congress to suggest doing so. (The current average starting salary for teachers nationally is about $41,000.) EdSurge spoke to key leaders involved in authoring the legislation about why they feel the “climate is ripe” for a significant change in teacher compensation.

Regional public universities educate nearly 5M students, according to new list – Higher Ed Dive

A group of researchers identified 474 institutions that they’re classifying as regional public universities — an effort they hope will help policymakers, other researchers, philanthropists and the colleges themselves, which often sit in the shadow of more prominent research and land-grant universities.

Should Class Participation Be Graded? – Inside Higher Ed

The pandemic laid bare course policies and practices that disadvantage some students. Now, some say that professors should cool it with awarding participation points.

7 higher education trends to watch in 2023 – Higher Ed Dive

Federal financial aid will continue to hog the spotlight, but we’re also waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on race-conscious admissions.

Can a National Marketing Campaign Change the Souring Conversation About College? – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Higher ed has an image problem.

As More Top Law Schools Boycott Rankings, Others Say They Can’t Afford to Leave – The New York Times

Four schools joined Yale and Harvard’s rebellion against U.S. News. And the bar association will no longer require schools to mandate the LSAT or GRE. But rankings still matter.

Ranking the 50 State Public University Systems on Prices & Outcomes – FREOPP

South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa produced the highest student returns on investment. Hawaii, Montana, and Louisiana produced the lowest.

5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2023 – CampusTechnology

As higher education moves into the second wave of Dx — aligning digital efforts with institutional success — here are five key trends to watch.

Mental Health Is the Top Student Stressor – Inside Higher Ed

Fifty percent of college students cited their own mental health struggles as their top stressor going into 2023, according to a survey of 1,200 students nationwide conducted by the virtual health services provider TimelyMD. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they were most concerned about their personal finances, and 37 percent named academics, while mass shootings and inflation were each cited by 35 percent.

Web Accessibility Regulations Are Poised to Be a Focal Point in Spring 2023 – Educause

The U.S. Department of Justice intends to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking in 2023 around web accessibility regulations for state and local government entities pursuant to Title II of the Americans with Disability Act. At the same time, the U.S. Department of Education is considering updating regulations implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

What Happened After the Great Online Pivot of 2020? – The Chronicle of Higher Education

The share of students enrolled solely in distance education dropped after hitting a high point during the pandemic, but it’s still almost double what it was beforehand.

8 Myths about Online Communities for Student Engagement – Yellowdig

After speaking with both instructors and our academic engagement experts, there seem to be some common myths about the effectiveness and ease of implementing an online community for your class. 

U.S. to Review Rules on Accreditation, Distance Education and More – Inside Higher Ed

The Biden administration announced late Wednesday that the Education Department would hold a series of negotiated rule-making sessions this spring to propose new rules regarding accreditation, distance education, student loan deferments and a range of other topics.

Will ChatGPT Change the Way You Teach? – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Instructors are already testing out these large language models. Students are, too.

Fall 2021 Largest Institutions by Total Enrollment and DE Type – Phil on EdTech

Phil Hill shares another view of largest US higher education institutions ranked by total distance education enrollment (grad and undergrad).

What Will ChatGPT Mean for Teaching? – EdSurge

A new AI chatbot can spit out longform answers to just about any question, in a way that sounds eerily human. Students are already figuring out they can use it to write their essays, and educators are pondering how to adapt.

A New Year of Practicing Gratitude, Extending Kindness, and Setting Goals – Faculty Focus

In this episode, we’ll cover snippets from the Wellbeing Elixir course, presented by Seena Haines and Stuart Haines, on how gratitude is associated with numerous mental and physical benefits; how extending generosity to others has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem and self-worth, and enhance optimism; and lastly, we’ll cover goal setting and how both success and failure are part of the journey – it’s important to set goals but to also know that having goals does not guarantee success, and that’s okay.

Designing EdTech to Meet Students Where They Are – Tech in EdTech

Serena Sacks Mandel, Global CTO of Education at Microsoft, joined us on our latest episode of Tech In EdTech to discuss how technology can be a great equalizer and help bridge equity gaps in education. Tune in to catch her top 5 predictions of upcoming edtech trends for 2023 and Microsoft’s take on digital accessibility for learning.

The trends shaping employee experience in 2023 – Qualtrics

We asked nearly 30,000 employees what they want from work in 2023 and one thing is abundantly clear – people want to restructure their relationship with work. Join our team of workplace psychologists as they break down the four key findings from our 2023 Employee Experience Trends Report and host a live Q&A. They’ll also share practical ways HR and people leaders can apply the trends into their EX or into their workplaces.

Privacy 101: How to Pursue Privacy by Design – Educause – January 26

Data privacy is everyone’s job. Higher education institutions collect, store, use, transmit, disclose, and dispose of a wide variety of data every day. Concerns about ethics, privacy, and data protection have risen in conjunction with the emergence of new technologies, the vast amounts (and variety) of data at play in the higher education environment, and how those data are being used. In this session, data and privacy leaders will share strategies for moving their institutions toward privacy by design. This session is aligned with the 2023 EDUCAUSE Showcase Series and the 2023 Top 10 IT Issues.

Should Students Pay to Turn in Homework? Navigating Digital Courseware Models – Educause – February 8

In this session, participants will collaborate on the problem of expensive homework systems (courseware) that students encounter in many of their courses. Connected to the course management system, many of these products require students to pay a fee to access assignments, quizzes, helpful hints, and electronic textbooks. Sometimes these fees make courses unaffordable for students. Let’s brainstorm how we can approach this issue and make a difference for students on our campuses.