Resource News – July 1, 2022

QM Live! Summer Camp 2022: Jump-starting Your Fall Courses – Quality Matters – July 5-28

et a jump-start now on preparing your courses for fall term! Interact with your peers in these hands-on workshops to improve your courses and support student learning. Choose between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. start times on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

InstructureCon 2022 – Instructure – July 14

Wherever your educational journey has taken you, we hope it leads you to InstructureCon 2022 this summer. This FREE one-day online event is your chance to hear from fellow educators and other inspiring presenters, network with peers, and fuel up on the latest edtech knowledge on Canvas and the entire Instructure Learning Platform.

USDLA 35th Anniversary National Conference – USDLA – July 18-21
We are gearing up for our 35th Anniversary celebration so please mark your calendars and join us in Nashville!

Education Summit ’22: Learning Together. Teaching Together. – Course Hero – July 28-29

Join thousands of faculty, instructional designers, and administrators to unravel the latest in learning and teaching – and explore the common ground between the two. Connect with colleagues, hone fresh classroom strategies, and celebrate inspired pedagogy, together, at Education Summit ’22.

Educause 2022 Annual Conference – Educause – October 25-28

With the best presenters, the best content, and the best networking, the premier higher ed IT event brings together professionals and technology providers from around the world to discuss their discoveries, grow professionally, and explore solutions to continuing challenges.

QM Connect Conference Expanding Possibilities – QM – November 6-9

It’s time to look beyond what you know and look instead at what is possible. Join your peers at this fall’s QM Connect Conference to see how they are Expanding Possibilities.

OLC Accelerate – Reflecting Onward: Evidence for a Changed World – OLC – November 1-3 (Virtual), 14-17 (Orlando)

The Online Learning Consortium’s Accelerate 2022 conference, Reflecting Onward: Evidence for a Changed World, emphasizes the most innovative and impactful research and effective practices in the field of online, blended, and digital learning. Supporting administrators, designers, and educators alike, this conference offers attendees a comprehensive list of sessions and activities tailored to addressing the challenges and goals of our entire community.

White paper: Micro-credentials, a growth market – CourseLoop

The prolific creation of micro-credentials and global investment, points to one thing – it’s a growth market. This white paper provides insights into the current trend of micro-credentials and various stakeholder influences, as well as discussing the challenge for higher education providers in establishing appropriate levels of governance and quality assurance.

Moving the Needle on Equity and Digital Literacy – Campus Technology & Lenovo

Bridging the digital divide is about more than simply putting technology into the hands of students. It’s about ensuring that students have the devices, the broadband access, the digital skills, the right tools and resources, and even the physical space to be successful.

The most powerful form of feedback – Turnitin

Learn why “Where to next?” feedback has the greatest impact on student growth and how to implement it in the classroom in their white paper.

Why Fewer High-School Graduates Are Going to College – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Nationwide, fewer high-school seniors are choosing to enroll in college immediately after graduation. In some states, not even half of high-school graduates are pursuing higher education, according to the latest data available. Recent state reports in Indiana, West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, and Tennessee highlighted significant declines in college-going rates, which reflect the percentage of public high-school graduates who enroll in college within a year. 

Canvas Credentials: The All-In-One Digital Badging For Higher Education – Instructure

Badgr, the longtime free micro-credentialing tool in Canvas LMS, has been rebranded as “Canvas Badges” as it joins the Instructure Learning Platform. The deal also makes Badgr Pro‘s advanced suite of tools available to our customers for an additional fee in new “Canvas Credentials,” offering unlimited badging, leaderboards, analytics and personalized pathway progress visualizations.

Stop Telling Us ‘You Hide It So Well’ – Inside Higher Ed

Rebekkah McLellan believes in sharing her disability status with students and administrators. Here’s why.

Raising Graduation Rates Takes a Culture Shift — and a Lot More – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Engineering a better college experience requires more than tinkering around the edges.

Here’s a closer look at which stopped-out students are reenrolling in college – Higher Ed Dive

At a time when 39 million people have attended college without earning a credential, understanding who has returned could help future recruiting.

5 Organizations Fostering Tech Careers for LGBTQ Higher Ed Students – EdTech Magazine

Career opportunities in the STEM fields continue to grow, but diversity in the tech industry remains low. According to a Glassdoor report, IT is the second-highest-rated industry for LGBTQ employees, but LGBTQ representation in the tech industry is still below average.

Lessons Learned: 8 Strategies for Effective Instruction – Fierce Education

During the past two years, most professors have had to participate in at least some online teaching, as classes became remote. Instructors have had to grapple with two major challenges in their teaching journeys. Professors needed to find ways to continuously engage and motivate students, and they needed to reimagine courses in a rush to digital. But now that professors and students have returned to the classroom, instructors can use the lessons learned to optimize both online and classroom courses.

Creating Social Presence with Single Presenter Videos – Quality Matters

In the past months, Steven Crawford has focused his articles on the roles of audio, screencasting, and voiceover slides in presentations to online learners. This month, he tackles the world of video presentations by discussing single-presenter videos.

The Post-Covid New Normal is Looking Bipolar – Phil on EdTech

In this article, Phil makes sense of recent enrollment data and the continued declines even as the pandemic ends. 

Qualtrics Launches Course Evaluations Tool for Real-Time Student Feedback – Campus Technology

A new tool from experience management company Qualtrics manages the entire course evaluations process, from customizing questions to analyzing results on an institutional, department or individual course level.

Non-Degree Market Tension – Encoura

MOOCs, bootcamps, certificates, certifications, microcredentials, badges, apprenticeships… there is no denying that prospective postsecondary students have more learning options at their fingertips than ever before. The race to offer shorter, cheaper, and more focused offerings—whether by traditional schools or alternative providers like Udemy and Linkedin Learning—has created a growing web of courses and programs designed to offer non-degree pathways for upskilling, reskilling, and everything in between.

Scholars Create Graphic Novel to Spur Discussion of Inequity in Computer Science – EdSurge

Who gets to learn about computer science in school? Though more schools these days offer CS classes, they’re more common in well-resourced schools than those that serve underprivileged students. Hoping to spark discussions among kids about equity issues in the tech industry, two scholars studying the issue recently made the unusual decision to produce a graphic novel based on their research.

How the ‘Computer Science for All’ Movement Fits In Broader History of Social-Justice Battles – EdSurge

The stakes are high when it comes to equity in computer science education and in the broader tech industry. That was the message Black tech leaders offered when EdSurge moderated a panel at “Black Tech Policy Week 2022.” Listen to the discussion about how and why to increase opportunity in CS.

Reading the Tea Leaves on the College Enrollment Drop – Inside Higher Ed

This week’s episode of The Key explores the 7.5 percent decline that college enrollments have suffered since the pandemic, with a focus on community colleges that enroll working learners and first-generation students, which have been especially hard hit.

Engaging Your Students with Mini-lectures, Prediscussion Posts, and Interactive Starter Activities – Faculty Focus

How do you get your students to engage with the content so they better retain it? How do you get your students to engage in discussion so that everyone is talking and everyone feels empowered to use their voice?

Higher Ed’s Digital Future: Liberal-Arts Colleges – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Liberal-arts colleges are contemplating their future as pandemic restrictions wane — how will those high-touch institutions take advantage of digital learning and related technologies?

Reimagining Higher Education as a Student-Centered Experience – Campus Technology

The last two-plus years of remote/HyFlex learning have accelerated the digital transformation revolution in higher education, essentially providing a proof-of-concept for new learning models and the enormous impact that smart technology products, solutions and advanced infrastructures can have on student success.

Exploring the 2022 Teaching and Learning Horizon Report – Educause

This webinar will explore the trends, challenges, and key technology developments identified by a panel of global experts in the 2022 Teaching and Learning Horizon Report. Members of the Horizon Report team and panel will highlight contextual trends and challenges and discuss how key technologies can assist higher education teaching and learning professionals in meeting upcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities. Implications of trends and key technologies will be considered from different institutional perspectives.

Encouraging Student Persistence – The Chronicle of Higher Ed

The pandemic added complexity to the challenge of supporting student success. In this forum, national experts and college leaders share stories of success and thoughts for the future.

I Belong Here: Using Digital Communities to Connect Learners Anytime, Anywhere – Inscribe

Students who feel connected to, supported by, and respected by their peers have a greater sense of belonging resulting in higher success rates. Digital communities provide a virtual space for learners to connect with peers to share ideas, ask questions and seek advice. Join us Wednesday, July 6th at 11 am MT to learn how institutions use digital communities to replicate the in-person interactions that organically build a sense of belonging.

Make Camtasia Work for Your Team – TechSmith – July 13

Set yourself and colleagues up for future success by creating reusable assets that keep everyone’s videos consistent and on-brand. First, we’ll build intros, themes, libraries, and packages. Then we’ll show how to share them. Finally, we’ll show you how to train new team members faster by leveraging favorites, libraries & Quick Property Assets.