Resource News – October 2023

Adobe Learning Summit – Adobe – October 2–3 (Las Vegas, NV) 
Explore new horizons of learning design and development. Gain insights and discover strategies that can enhance your learning programs and drive business success. Build connections with the best in the industry, to find out about the latest trends, future outlook, and best practices. 

OLC Accelerate – Online Learning Consortium – October 3-5 (online), October 24-27(Washington, D.C.) 
The Online Learning Consortium’s Accelerate 2023 conference emphasizes the most innovative and impactful research and effective practices in the field of online, blended, and digital learning. Supporting administrators, designers, and educators alike, this conference offers attendees a comprehensive list of sessions and activities tailored to addressing the challenges and goals of our entire community. 

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference – EDUCAUSE – October 9–12 (Chicago, IL), October 18–19 (Online)
The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference connects the best thinkers in higher education technology. This is THE event where professionals and technology providers from around the world gather to network, share ideas, grow professionally, and discover solutions to today’s challenges. It’s the largest gathering of your peers…people you can relate to, learn from, and stay connected to throughout the year.

Leadership in Higher Education Conference – Magna Publications – October 12–14 (Orlando, FL)
Whether you’re an up-and-coming leader or your leadership experience began decades ago, your institution needs your knowledge, reliability, and clear-minded judgment. The Leadership in Higher Education Conference offers six different conference tracks, each focusing on a current trend for those who oversee the halls of learning and the many varied programs they host. But before returning to your home institution, discover all the new ways to stay on the cutting edge of higher education trends in the 21st century at the 2023 Leadership in Higher Education Conference. 

QM Connect Conference  – Quality Matters – November 5–8 (Bloomington, MN) 
As an educator, your bold ideas lead the charge in improving experiences and outcomes for learners. From forward-thinking processes to your biggest moon-shot concepts, your expertise can advance QA practices for the entire QM community. You’re invited to take the stage this November to share how you achieve milestones, build momentum and innovate to uplift your colleagues and advance learner success. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard within the QM community! 

Learning 2023 – The Learning Leaders Conference – December 5–7 (Orlando, FL) 
With a laser focus on leadership strategies, skills, and best practices, Learning 2023 is the premier gathering for L&D leaders. It’s where you’ll gain the resources you need to grow and excel as a seasoned professional or aspiring leader, advance your career, and remain on the leading edge of organizational learning and development. 

Measuring Higher Ed’s Benefits Beyond Earnings – Inside Higher Ed
A new report from Lumina Foundation and Gallup reveals a host of positive outcomes associated with going to college. Researchers hope they will lead to a new perception of higher ed’s “worth.”

Instructure Offers Platform Innovations in 4 Areas to Assist Teaching and Learning – Campus Technology
Instructure announced several enhancements to its Canvas learning platform at its annual conference in July. The new capabilities serve teaching/learning, analytics, lifelong learning, and platform integration, the company said.

What the Public Really Thinks About Higher Education – The Chronicle of Higher Education
College hasn’t lost the argument. But The Chronicle’s new national survey shows where people aren’t convinced.

Technology Offers Opportunities to Boost Enrollment in Higher Education – Ed Tech Magazine
Class flexibility, hands-on tech experience and streamlined communications can all be enticing to prospective students.

In Praise of Open-Note Exams – The Chronicle of Higher Education
How allowing students to use their notes during tests can help them build an essential job skill.

‘Highly Disruptive’: Proposed Overtime Rules Raise Concerns – Inside Higher Ed
Salaried employees who make $55,000 or less would be eligible for overtime under the Biden administration’s new proposal. Thousands of jobs at colleges and universities could be affected.

Educause 2023 Students and Tech Report Emphasizes Choice and Accessibility – Campus Technology
Educause recently released its “2023 Students and Technology Report: Flexibility, Choice, and Equity in the Student Experience,” which looks at findings in three key areas: how to support students living on- and off-campus, how students shape their higher education based on market pressures, and how accessibility impacts student education choices.

Race on Campus: When Colleges Used Eminent Domain, Money, and Jim Crow Laws to Destroy Black Communities – The Chronicle of Higher Education
What role did higher education play in creating today’s wealth gap between white and Black families? A big one, according to an illuminating investigation published by ProPublica, the Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism, and The Chronicle.

Survey: College Students Both Excited and Concerned About AI Tools – Campus Technology
A May 2023 survey of Gen Z students conducted by Touchstone Research shows how students perceive generative artificial intelligence, how they use it, and what they’re using the tools for — and college students are more likely to be using the tools for school work than younger students.

This University Found a Way to Make Huge Classes Feel Small. Could It Work for You? – The Chronicle of Higher Education
Students perform better academically and have a better college experience when they feel that their professors care about them. But that feeling is far from guaranteed when students find themselves in a class of hundreds, as many do, especially in gateway courses and high-demand majors.

An Updated Overview of the Online Proctoring Market – On EdTech
Last week we published an overview of the market for online proctoring. With this post we are updating the market overview.

Canvas Global Newsletter – Instructure
We’re pleased to share our third global newsletter of this year with you. This newsletter is full of important updates, promotes our upcoming New Quizzes webinars, shares a recap of InstructureCon 2023, and more!

The Supreme Court Excluded Military Academies From Its Admissions Ruling. Now SFFA Is Challenging It. – The Chronicle of Higher Education
Students for Fair Admissions filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the United States Military Academy at West Point for its use of race-conscious admissions policies, challenging the one exception carved out in the Supreme Court’s ruling that struck down such policies nationwide.

Less Filling, Tastes Great – On EdTech
The problem with on-demand, reusable content provided without an instructor.

After Affirmative Action and Legacy Admissions, Will Early Decision Be the Next to Go? – The Chronicle of Higher Education
When the Supreme Court overturned race-conscious admissions earlier this year, it forced colleges to reconsider many of the practices used to screen applicants. Almost immediately after the ruling became public, preferences for legacy applicants and the children of donors came under fire, including by President Biden.

Students Know What They’re Looking for Online. Are Colleges Delivering What They Want? – EdSurge
Most of us know what to expect in a face-to-face classroom… But in the last couple of decades, since the introduction of online instruction in higher ed, students now expect a much wider range of options.

MoodleMoot Global 23 Conference Notes – On EdTech
July is typically the busiest month for Learning Management System (LMS) users conferences… Today we’re going to add notes from MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona (for Moodle).

Higher Ed Groups Have a Plan to Improve Financial Aid Offers – Inside Higher Ed
Nearly a year after the Government Accountability Office said that colleges are failing to tell students how much their education will actually cost, a new initiative aims to provide students with more clarity. But skeptics say Congress still needs to act.

7,500 Comments Don’t Get As Much Change As You Might Think – On EdTech
The US Department of Education releases final Gainful Employment and Financial Value Transparency rules.

Higher Education as Its Own Worst Enemy – Inside Higher Ed
In a wide-ranging discussion about his new book, Brian Rosenberg explains how shared governance, tenure and other practices stifle change on college campuses.

The CUPA-HR 2023 Higher Education Employee Retention Survey – College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
During the 2022-23 academic year, voluntary turnover for higher ed staff was the highest it has been since CUPA-HR started tracking it in 2017-18. Analyses provide an overview of what proportion of the higher ed workforce is at risk of leaving, why employees are considering other job opportunities, and the factors that underlie their desire to leave.

Navigating the Ranks: Understanding Institutional Rankings in Relation to College Choices – studentPOLL published by Art & Science Group
The findings of this report provide evidence that there is a “stark gap between the premium many college leaders place on U.S. News Best Colleges and a college-bound market that, broadly speaking, appears to approach rankings more as a generalized fact-finding process than a discrete factor in making their decisions.”

2023 Students and Technology Report: Flexibility, Choice, and Equity in the Student Experience – EDUCAUSE
This report draws on data from EDUCAUSE’s 2023 Student Survey to offer higher education leaders and decision-makers key insights as they consider what these questions might mean for their particular institutions and communities.

2023 Faculty and Technology Report: A First Look at Teaching Preferences Since the Pandemic – EDUCAUSE
This report describes the findings of the research in four key areas: 1) Modality preferences and the impacts of teaching in non-preferred modes, 2) Experiences teaching online and hybrid courses, 3) Technology and digital availability of course components, and 4) Types of support needed and utilized for teaching.


Is Attention the Currency of Learning?  – The Edtech Podcast
Rose hosts Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education at No More Marking in the EdTech Podcast Zoom studio this week, discussing AI regulation, evidence and effectiveness, and student outcomes in AI assessment, and what we think the future of AI-powered education might look like, and why!

AI: Your New Teaching Assistant – House of #EDTECH, Episode 233
This podcast delves into compelling reasons why integrating more AI in education is essential: 1) Personalized Learning, 2) Task Automation, 3) Smart Content Creation, 4) Adaptable Access, and 5) Identifying Classroom Vulnerabilities.

EdUp EdTech: We’re Going Live to Talk About Instructional Design – LinkedIn
Are you curious about a career in Instructional Design (ID)? Or perhaps you’re an experienced professional looking to stay ahead in the field? Join us for a comprehensive exploration of ID and its diverse applications!

Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Time: 6 PM to 7 PM EST
Platform: LinkedIn Live

Driving Social Change Through Learning – Forward Edge
Explore the pivotal role of education in shaping a more equitable and just society. Discover practical strategies for infusing social justice principles into your curriculum and teaching methodologies, fostering empathy and critical thinking among students. Learn how effective collaboration between educational institutions and communities can empower students to contribute meaningfully to local and global social change efforts. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the educational transformation for a better future.

When: October 19, 2023

Integrating Texthelp Tools in Canvas: Supports Where Your Students Work
Are you an educator striving to enhance your digital classroom experience? Join us in this specialized webinar as we focus on the seamless integration of Texthelp tools uPar, Read&Write, and Equatio into Canvas. For further guidance, we invite you to explore Canvas resources in our Learning Academy after the webinar.

When: October 27, 2023, 12:00pm CDT

Advocating for AI in Higher Education: A Panel Discussion
Most institutions have established or are actively developing a student-facing policy on responsible use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in coursework. Simultaneously, many faculty and staff members at these same institutions are using large-language-model-based AI (a type of AI that can mimic human intelligence) in their daily work. This live panel discussion introduces several higher education professionals who regularly use AI, along with one ed tech expert who is advocating for thoughtful AI use in and around higher education. While many AI conversations are asking “if”, this panel assumes that AI “should” be a part of the work we do – and unapologetically explores what that means. Can’t attend the webinar? You should still register — all registrants, including attendees and absentees, will receive a recording of the webinar. This webinar was made possible in part by the financial support of Watermark. I understand that by registering for this webinar, my registration information will be shared with Inside Higher Ed and the sponsor for marketing purposes. Captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing is provided by Ai-Media for all Inside Higher Ed webinars. Transcripts available upon request.

When: October 5, 2023, 1:00pm CDT


Use Case Studies Online to Facilitate Critical Thinking Skills – LearningGuild
This article suggests that the case study method, one of many experiential approaches to learning, can facilitate the development of essential cognitive skills, particularly in a remote learning setting. 

Implementing the ARCS Model in Instructional Design – ELM Learning
By following these steps and strategies, you can implement Professor Keller’s ARCS model approach in your instructional design projects. This will help create learning experiences that are not only informative, but also engaging, meaningful, and motivating for learners.

How Students Use Unofficial Online Backchannels for Classes – EdSurge
Many professors worry that online systems like Discord and GroupMe are used for cheating, but they can also help build community.


Tech Tools to Try

A free tool to help students and researchers with their
academic writing.

Canvas Quiz Converter
A free tool to help instructors change word documents into Canvas quizzes.

2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Generative AI – EDUCAUSE
Building on the trends, technologies, and practices described in the 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: Teaching and Learning Edition, the panel crafted its vision of the future along with practical actions that individuals, units and departments, and groups of collaborators can take to make this future a reality.

Will Teachers Listen to Feedback From AI? Researchers Are Betting on It – Olina Banerji, EdSurge
Can AI help teachers teach better? This article delves into examples of how teachers are using AI for support and feedback on teaching practices.

Advisory Boards Aid in Alleviating AI Anxiety – Lauren Coffey, Inside Higher Ed
Nearly a year after ChatGPT debuted, hundreds of educators sought advice at the Teaching and Learning With AI conference in Orlando, Fla., this week.

Ban or Embrace? Colleges Wrestle With A.I.-Generated Admissions Essays. – Natasha Singer, The New York Times
A.I. chatbots could facilitate plagiarism on college applications or democratize student access to writing help. Or maybe both.