The Patented Power of Coursetune

Coursetune is a dynamic software application that helps universities visualize outcomes alignment. Coursetune’s patented technology helps university stakeholders see more clearly how programs align to overarching goals. It also aids faculty in driving improved student outcomes. A key value proposition of Coursetune is that it facilitates an enhanced collection of outcomes-alignment documentation for regulatory requirements and measures of institutional effectiveness.

Who Is Coursetune For? Everyone!

  • University administrators can quickly see at a glance how programs reflect university goals and standards
  • Accrediting bodies can review real-time data to demonstrate alignment between standards and curriculum
  • Marketing teams can get actual program insights into what students will be able to master upon completion of the programs
  • Program leadership are able to visualize current and planned objectives and assessments across the curriculum in order to meet program goals, outcomes, and accreditation requirements
  • Faculty can interact with and visualize objectives and assessments in order to prevent potential gaps or misalignment at the course level
  • Instructional Designers can use Coursetune to help guide faculty during course development
  • Student support teams can have clear insight into curriculum in order to help provide actionable help to struggling students

And finally, students will ultimately benefit from the complete and seamless alignment between their learning activities; the curriculum; and real-world, relevant workforce needs. All of this is driven by the power of Coursetune.

The Impact of Coursetune

Coursetune allows faculty to easy visualize and manipulate course data in order to make easy curriculum decisions and changes. 

At the course level, faculty can clearly and quickly see the alignment between course objectives, module objectives, and learning activities within modules and throughout the course. Faculty can easily see how students are assessed on key objectives, how many learning activities students are engaged within each module or week, and how activities are scaffolded to optimize learning and success.

Additionally, faculty have access to numerous reports which allow for a thorough analysis of course activities and how the course fits the goals and outcomes of the program and even workforce alignment.