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Coursetune and Catalyst form an online ecosystem of time-saving tools that bolster quality courses and programs through outcome alignment. Together, these tools increase program and course efficacy and drive stronger alignment through powerful visualizations, efficient reporting, and interactive course mapping.  Catalyst, which is powered by Coursetune, creates a 40% time savings in the development of an online course, while ensuring that the course is designed in alignment to course and program outcomes and meets quality standards.

Catalyst digital course map

Map. Click. Finalize. Done.

Welcome to the next generation of online course development. Catalyst is a revolutionary, faculty-centric software for course design and development built on the patented power of Coursetune for true curricular alignment.

A First-of-Its-Kind Software

Coursetune catalyst build software

Catalyst streamlines development and empowers AP partner faculty to accelerate the course design process. The interactive toolset is designed to easily organize, plan, and map course materials in an intuitive and dynamic environment.

Significant Faculty Time Savings

woohoo confirmation page in catalyst

When you’re finished mapping in Catalyst, one click of a button is all it takes to automatically build the course structure in your university’s LMS!  Catalyst is estimated to provide faculty with up to a  40% time savings during online course development compared to traditional course mapping.

Strengthened Outcomes Alignment

coursetune mapping view

Because Catalyst is built on the patented Coursetune software, all course information is available immediately in Coursetune, so you can see enhanced visualization of outcomes alignment and be able to report, in-depth on curricular data.

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