Assessments measure student understanding.

Course Mapping

Course maps illustrate alignment and content in a course.


Course Learning Objectives are the foundation of a course.


Discussions allow for increased student-student engagement.


Introduce your content and set expectations.

Learning Content

These materials align to your objectives and assessments.


Modules are units of study within your course.


Module Learning Objectives move students towards mastery.


Rubrics detail criteria used for evaluating assessments.


Summaries recap main concepts and key connections.

Time on Task

Understand the time that learners spend engaged with learning content and assessments.


Topics include the subjects or themes taught during the course.


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A Closer Look

Coursetune and Catalyst form an online ecosystem of time-saving tools that bolster quality courses and programs through outcome alignment. Together, the tools increase program and course efficacy and drive stronger alignment through powerful visualizations, efficient reporting, and interactive course mapping.  Catalyst, which is powered by Coursetune, offers about 40% time savings in the development of an online course, while ensuring that the course is designed in alignment to course and program outcomes and meets quality standards.

These pages give faculty using Catalyst and Faculty eCommons a closer look at important aspects of course building and quality assurance: assessment, course mapping, course learning objectives, discussions, introductions, learning content, modules, module learning objectives, rubrics, summaries, time on task, and topics. 

Each “Closer Look” provides:

  • Overview and introduction to the topic 
  • Video tutorials
  • Examples and job aids
  • Supporting research
  • Helpful tips 

Click on a topic to access these materials and learn more! 

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