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Quality Review Standard 5

Learning Activities and Learner Interaction

Learning activities facilitate and support learner interaction and engagement.

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QM Specific Review
Standard 5.1

The learning activities promote the achievement of the stated learning objectives or competencies.

The learning activities and planned interactions should contribute to the achievement of your course and module learning objectives. Indicate the relationship between activies and learning objectives to students throughout the course.

QM Specific Review
Standard 5.2

Learning activities provide opportunities for interaction that support active learning.

Provide opportunities for your learners to interact with one another during course learning activities. Interactions can take a variety of forms including things like participation in discussion boards, collaboration in wikis, group projects and presentations, peer review, and more.

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QM Specific Review
Standard 5.3

The instructor’s plan for interacting with learners during the course is clearly stated.

Include a clear statement about your plan for interacting with learners during the course. Include details like email response time and timeframe for feedback on assignments in order to better manage student expectations.

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QM Specific Review
Standard 5.4

The requirements for learner interaction are clearly stated.

Clearly outline expectations for how interactions between students should  take place. Consider requirements for when, where, how they are expected to communicate with one another.

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