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Assessments & Assignments

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The Community of Inquiry Matrix

This Community of Inquiry (COI) Matrix helps faculty course developers identify how to incorporate COI strategies for selecting content, setting climate, and supporting discourse at each course level based on Bloom’s taxonomy.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

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Courageous Conversations

The events of the last year have sparked conversations amongst families, colleagues, and friends, about race, including the Academic Services team at AP. The team

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Educational Technology

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The Patented Power of Coursetune

Coursetune is a dynamic software application that helps universities visualize outcomes alignment. Coursetune’s patented technology helps university stakeholders see more clearly how programs align to

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Student Success Guide & Worksheet

We spend many hours planning and designing our courses, but once the course begins, how do you plan for facilitation? The Student Success Guide and Student Success Worksheet provides templates, checklists, worksheets, and strategies instructors can use to help their online students succeed in their accelerated course and persist throughout their program.

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Instructional Design

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10 Steps to Accelerate Your Course

Course acceleration is a multi-step process that requires you to deconstruct previous course content in order to reconstruct it in a new, accelerated format. Consider some of the following strategies to help you accelerate your course:

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One-to-One Objective Alignment

Module Objectives allow students to build their understanding and mastery, in a scaffolded manner, towards the broader-level Course Objectives. Course Objectives sit at the higher

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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Quality Matters

How to Build a Rubric

Before developing your rubric, consider the assessment you are creating the rubric for. Ask yourself:  Is my assessment developed completely? What are the course and

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