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Voice and Tone Checklist for Your Online Course

Each page in your online course and every piece of content you create for your students is a chance for you to set the tone and climate, support discourse, and communicate your expectations. These pages and pieces of content represent “you” to your students, and they will look to these pages to help keep them engaged and encouraged.

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Course Facilitation

Stop Student Melt

Review some of the checklists, templates, and examples to learn more about how you can impact student melt.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters 7th Edition Rubric Release

Quality Matters (QM), a global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments, has recently released their newest edition of the QM Higher Education Rubric.

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Instructional Design

Template for Quality Discussion Boards

Writing discussion board prompts can be intimidating. Use this simple template to help set you and your students up for success.

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Assessments and Assignments

Formative Assessments for Online Courses

Using effective assessment techniques can improve an instructor’s understanding of student needs and support learner-centered courses.

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Assessments and Assignments

Quick Tips for Online Assessments

As you design the content of your course, you’ll think a lot about assessment methods. Online assessments and assignments should take into consideration the their online audience, which is typically a population of adult learners.

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Course Facilitation

Promoting Participation in Discussions

In the online, constructivist learning environment, rich and robust collaborative knowledgeconstruction occurs on the discussion board. The constructivist approach shifts the focus from the instructor to the students and the

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Assessments and Assignments

Alternative Strategies for Discussion Boards

Implementing alternative strategies for discussion boards an help enhance your course from initial student introductions to end-of-semester reflections.

Assessments and Assignments

Prompt Examples for Discussion Boards

These prompt examples for discussion boards provide faculty course developers with templates and inspiration for creating strong, community-building discussions for their students in various areas of their course and at various levels of course difficulty.

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