Rubric for Quality Course Videos

Are you concerned about the quality of your recorded videos for your online courses? The Course Video Scoring Rubric below provides you with additional guidance on how to improve the quality of your online course multimedia content.

The rubric is divided into four criteria: content, audio, visuals (camera), and visuals (screen capture). Each of those criteria contain multiple standards for which you can review your existing content. These specific standards are graded on a scale of 0-2 points, for a total of 26 points. 

Download the Video Scoring Rubric to begin analyzing the video content in your courses! For more information on creating quality video in your online course, check out our on-demand webinar Recording Video for Your Online Course

Practice Scoring Video Content

Before you begin scoring your own video content, you may want to review the samples below as an opportunity to see what does or does not work in each. While watching the sample videos, consider what improvements the lecturer could make to increase their video quality easily.

Great work! Remember, you don’t need production teams to help you create high-quality videos for your courses. Small tweaks to audio, lighting, and framing can help easily improve your video!