EdTech Tools for New Times

There are tons of tools in the educational technology space, both paid and free/freemium, that can help promote student engagement and facilitate an interactive course experience. Check out the resources below that can help you as you discover new ways to integrate your course content online.


PitchVantage is a cloud-based presentation training software that gives students instant AI feedback and coaching on 28 presentation skills, including delivery, content, and body language. Students present to a simulated audience that react based on how well the student delivers the presentation. The simulated audience eliminates the live audience requirement. Professors can easily review student videos, provide feedback, and run peer review all in one place.



  • AI feedback given on 28 presentation skills including delivery, content, and body language
  • Simulated audience reacts based on how well the student presents
  • Personalized coaching provided based on analysis, including 30+ video lessons covering all presentation skills
  • Professor can review videos, provide feedback, run reports and customize assessment rubrics
  • PitchVantage works on any laptop, mobile device, or tablet


With today’s increased reliance on online learning, educators must wrestle with the challenges of maintaining both exam and institutional integrity. That’s where Examity comes in.

Examity offers seamless and secure online proctoring. A pioneer in learning validation, Examity’s online proctoring solution has been recognized for efficiency, security and convenience in online testing. Our platform offers a variety of proctoring styles, from automated to live, for hundreds of universities, employers, and certification providers worldwide.


  • Online proctoring and learning validation
  • Provides multiple options of exam security, ranging from auto ID to live proctoring
  • Allows for students to schedule and take exams remotely
  • Integrates easily with LMS



As you and your students adjust to this new academic normal, Bluepulse will help you ensure that quality teaching and learning continues and you’re providing the best student experience possible.

Bluepulse presents you with a system that is fluid where feedback and meaningful information can be easily passed and discussed between people. This means you will be alerted to an opportunity to improve or resolve issues promptly. It gives you the ability to be more proactive and less reactive to situations so that nothing and no one is left behind.


Bluepulse is a people engagement app that allows you to:

  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Conduct polls
  • Share information
  • Start discussions

This happens in real time, with instant analytics that give you insights into student sentiment that you might otherwise miss in the online learning environment.