Learning Objectives vs. Learning Activities

This page was adapted from Weber State’s “Learning Objective vs. Learning Activity” page in their ID Series: Learning Objectives course


Learning Activity: An activity or set of activities a learner should complete to achieve a learning objective.

Learning Objective: An outcome statement that captures specifically what knowledge or skills learners should be able to exhibit following instruction. They are specific, measurable and observable, attainable for the learners within the scheduled time and conditions of the course, relevant to the learner and course, and targeted to the desired level of learning.

Activities are the actions or assessments that students complete in a course while the objective indicates what the students can do or know at the conclusion of instruction.


Learning Activity: Students complete multiple-choice and short-answer quizzes over APA citation styles.

Learning Objective: Identify the correct APA citation style for a given journal, video, book, or interview resource.

Learning Activity
: Students participate in small group discussions to debate over controversial topics in community health.

Learning Objective: Justify a personal position on a controversial community health issue citing outside research and anecdotal experience.

Learning Activity
: Students design an earth and space science lesson plan that utilizes an educational technology tool during instruction.

Learning Objective: Integrate a contemporary educational technology into Earth Science curriculum for an elementary student population.

Learning Activity
: Students create a short video presentation discussing the elasticity of supply and demand.

Learning Objective: Explain the relationship between elasticity, the cost of taxes, and pricing power.

Learning Activity
: Students complete Java practice project in a virtual lab.

Learning Objective: Code fluently in an object-oriented paradigm using the programming language Java programming language.

Learning Activity
: Students deliver a 30-minute to one-hour family health education session with a volunteer family of their choice.

Learning Objective: Deliver health education to a family, based on observed behaviors and future trends.