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Healthcare Accreditors

Links Below are links to accrediting bodies for healthcare fields. Nursing Health Informatics and Information Management Healthcare Management Respiratory Care Public Health Social Work Nursing Accreditation Commission for Education in

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Academic Program Planning

Carousel Design for Scale

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Academic Program Planning

Beneficial Competitive Attributes

In addition to the overall attributes that AP recommends to help ensure an online program is competitive in the market, the Academic Services and Products team has identified additional attributes

What Alumni of AP-Supported Programs Say
Academic Program Planning

Common Program Elements

The Common Program Elements are a consensus on nomenclature, resources, policies, and practices that can be consistent across courses in a program.

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Academic Program Planning

Program Design Resources

We believe in putting faculty first. AP differentiates its support to faculty by ensuring that program leaders and faculty are at the helm and in the driver’s seat of all program and content decisions, development and oversight.

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Academic Program Planning

Online Program Parity: Faculty & Students

Online courses appeal to a variety of student populations and remove barriers encountered by non-traditional
 and adult learners in face-to-face programs. In online courses, “all course activity is done online;

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Academic Program Planning

Course Offer Schedule Support

Learn about the dynamic and flexible course offer schedule concept pioneered and championed by Academic Partnerships.

Program Planning

2023 AASCU Conference Presentation

In collaboration with Dr. Dana Harrison from East Tennessee State University, Academic Partnerships will present at the 2023 AACSU (American Association of State Colleges and Universities) Summer Meeting in Baltimore,

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Academic Program Planning

Academic Program Planning

A faculty-centered approach in developing competitive and rigorous online programs.

Instructional Design

Course Acceleration: What, Who, Why, and How?

A research-based guide that explains accelerated (7-8 week) online courses from the learner and faculty perspective     Table of Contents The What What Is Course Acceleration? Course acceleration describes the process

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Student Success Guide & Worksheet

We spend many hours planning and designing our courses, but once the course begins, how do you plan for facilitation? The Student Success Guide and Student Success Worksheet provides templates, checklists, worksheets, and strategies instructors can use to help their online students succeed in their accelerated course and persist throughout their program.

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10 Steps to Accelerate Your Course

Course acceleration is a multi-step process that requires you to deconstruct previous course content in order to reconstruct it in a new, accelerated format. Consider some of the following strategies to help you accelerate your course:

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