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One-to-One Objective Alignment

Module Objectives allow students to build their understanding and mastery, in a scaffolded manner, toward the broader-level Course Objectives. Course Objectives sit at the higher course level, while Module Objectives

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Bloom’s Taxonomy for Digital Learning

What is Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy? Learn how educators are reframing Bloom’s Taxonomy through the lens of educational technology, blended learning, BYOD, flipped classrooms, and other models. This updated version aims

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Begin with the End in Mind: Map First!

This recorded webinar series provides supplementary guidance to faculty working with Academic Partnerships’ instructional designers and those seeking professional development opportunities to improve their online teaching and learning skill sets.


Quality Matters Standard 2.1

Quality Matters (QM) Specific Review Standard 2.1 can be one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding, standards to meet in a quality review. Describing your 

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Writing Effective Learning Objectives

SMART Objectives When you are writing course- or module-level objectives or outcomes, remember to always be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.  Specific: The objective should be specific to

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Learning Objectives vs. Learning Activities

This page was adapted from Weber State’s “Learning Objective vs. Learning Activity” page in their ID Series: Learning Objectives course.  Definitions Learning Activity: An activity or set of activities a

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Student Success Guide & Worksheet

We spend many hours planning and designing our courses, but once the course begins, how do you plan for facilitation? The Student Success Guide and Student Success Worksheet provides templates, checklists, worksheets, and strategies instructors can use to help their online students succeed in their accelerated course and persist throughout their program.

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10 Steps to Accelerate Your Course

Course acceleration is a multi-step process that requires you to deconstruct previous course content in order to reconstruct it in a new, accelerated format. Consider some of the following strategies to help you accelerate your course:

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